Thursday, 31 May 2012

English Democrats achieve 33.5% in Morley by-election

Results of Central ward by-election, Morley Town Council
31st May 2012

Gareth Beevers (Morley Borough Independents) 305
Chris Beverley (English Democrats) 154 (33.5%)

(Rejected papers: 1)

Thank you to everyone who voted English Democrats in this election!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My letter in Morley paper

Above is a letter from me which was published in this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser.

Below is the original version which I sent. The third paragraph has been cut out of the published version. I enquired as to why this was and was assured by the editor that this was purely due to constraints on space and that the full version will appear on the online letters page later this week.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for the English Democrats in the local elections on 3rd May.

We fielded 11 city council candidates across Leeds this year, up from three in last year's local elections, and we achieved some very encouraging results. Our party increasingly attracts support from right across the political spectrum, giving substance to our motto of; "not right, not left, just English!"

As your readers are undoubtedly well aware, we local English Democrats activists have not been afforded the opportunity to take a break from electioneering just yet, as we are currently in the process of fighting the Morley Town Council Central ward by-election.

I thought I had seen it all when it came to the irresponsibility of certain political factions in Morley, but their antics over the past few weeks even managed to shock me!

Leaving this aside, thank you again to everyone who voted for me in the Morley South ward, for Joanna Beverley in the Ardsley and Robin Hood ward, and for Tom Redmond in Morley North. Your support is very much appreciated by all of us. yours faithfully,

Chris Beverley
Morley English Democrats

Monday, 21 May 2012

My article on Elected Police Commissioners

Here is my latest article from the English Democrats website...

With the referendums of 3rd May on whether major cities across England should introduce democratically elected mayors now behind us, politically correct scaremongering now appears to be increasingly focussing on the elections due to be held on 15 November this year to elect a police and crime commissioner in every police authority in England (except London) and Wales.

Today's Daily Telegraph features an article in which Sara Thornton, chief constable of Thames Valley Police, is reported as saying:

"If there had been a referendum on police commissioners it wouldn't have been voted in.

"On the other hand I don't think it would be good for the service if there is a very low turnout in November.

"The issue about more extreme candidates becomes a bigger issue.

"All of us are democrats and we want to encourage people to engage with policing. If people don't get involved with policing and come out and vote it's not good for the service."

Rachel Robinson from the human rights group Liberty added:

"If certain extreme groups are able to mobilise their supporters to turn out to vote and general turnout is incredibly low then we're facing a really serious problem, and minority groups can legitimately be fearful about the kind of service they're going to receive in the future."

The aforementioned individuals do not define what they mean by 'extreme' so it is futile to speculate further as to what horrors might await electors who have the audacity to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner who is not a member of whatever political sect is deemed acceptable.

What can be stated with confidence, however, is that our police forces have been weakened and undermined by decades of politically correctness imposed from above (as I have argued elsewhere).

This has had a devastating effect on our police forces and the symptoms of this can be seen in a wide number of examples from the way in which police allowed a racist sex predator ring to get away with their crimes for years because the victims were of the 'wrong' ethnicity through to the comments of high profile PC proselytiser Sir Ian Blair (pictured on the right in the above photograph), former chief commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who sickened the nation when he suggested that the horrific murders of 10-year-old Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham were only receiving so much publicity because they were white.

Clearly our police are already politicised and it is wholly fallacious to suggest that it is the elections of 15 November which threaten to impose politics upon policing.

In politics things are worth keeping simple and repeating, so let it be reiterating that the election of English Democrats police commissioners on 15th November would actually help to depoliticise our police forces as we would take steps to free our brave policemen and women from the straitjacket of political correctness so that they can get on with doing their jobs.

Our police commissioners would ensure that our officers uphold our law which are passed by parliament and interpreted by our courts in accordance with English common law principles. Our police should not be there to promote one political ideology or another but to uphold the law.

Everyone would be treated equally regardless of ethnicity, religion, political background or any other aspect of their character. The shameful days of victims being treated as second class citizens because they have the wrong skin colour would be a thing of the past.

The English Democrats will be fielding candidates in the elections to elect police and crime commissioners on 15th November and we are looking for suitable candidates now. If you would like to be considered as potential candidate please get in touch.

See also: The Electoral Commission - Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Peace in the Middle East Conference

I was impressed by the lineup at this conference due to be held this evening in the European Parliament which has been organised by MEPs from the Austrian Freedom Party, Lega Nord, and the Vlaams Belang.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My thoughts on Rochdale scandal

Here is my latest article from the English Democrats website...
PC Police Allowed Sex-Gang to Operate
The jailing this week of nine racist sexual predators has been hailed as a sign that the authorities are finally beginning to take this issue seriously.
Khabeer Hassan, Addul Aziz, Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Sajid, Adil Khan, Abdul Qayyun, Mohammed Amin, Hamid Safi and a 59-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons were convicted on charges including rape, assault, sex trafficking and conspiracy.
The gang targeted impressionable English girls found and plied them with alcohol and drugs before subjecting them to a sustained campaign of rape over a period of years.
Whilst the peddlers of political correctness in the Lib-Lab-Con cartel parties have done everything in their power to weaken the resolve of our nation and its people, resulting in a significant proportion of the population becoming so emasculated that they would quite literally rather sit by and watch the kind of horrors that have been exposed in this case unfold rather than complain and risk being branded 'racist', one Muslim organisation has at least taken action.
Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of The Ramadhan Foundation, has defied death threats and stood up against the gangs who prey on young white girls.
He has accused Pakistani community elders of 'burying their heads in the sand' over this issue and stated that: 'There is a significant problem for the British Pakistani community and there should be no silence in addressing the issue of race, as this is central to the actions of these criminals.
'They think that while teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought - it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame to our community.'
This shocking case has drawn attention to the institutional political correctness in our nation's police forces which has led to sections of the English community being treated as second class citizens. The DailyTelegraph has revealed that police and social workers knew about this issue in 2002 but failed to tackle it for over a decade. It is utterly inconceivable that this would have been dealt with in such a negligent way were the ethnicities of the victims and perpetrators in this case to have been reversed, and the fact that this happened says as much about the state of our public institutions as it does about the individuals who committed these sickening crimes. Belated apologies will do little to comfort the young victims and their families.
Cases like this show just how important it is for English Democrats Police and Crime Commissioners to be elected across in England in the elections to this new position later on November 15.
The overriding priority for English Democrats police commissioners will be to root out all forms of political correctness within their force in order to ensure that all our citizens are treated equally before the law and no sections of our community are treated less favourable than others just because they happen to be of the 'wrong' ethnicity.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Yorkshire English Democrats results in full

Full English Democrats results in Yorkshire in the local elections of 3 May 2012:


Ardsley & Robin Hood

Karen Renshaw (Lab) 2318
Sophie Tempest (Con) 884
Joanna Beverley (English Democrats) 787 (17%)
Wyn Kidger (MBI) 626

Beeston & Holbeck

Angela Gabriel (Lab) 2389
Robert James William Winfried (Con) 443
Wilfred Woodhouse (UKIP) 349
Ian Gibson (English Democrats) 298 (8%)
David Michael Smith (Green) 256
Rory Laing (Lib Dem) 113

Bramley & Stanningley

Caroline Anne Gruen (Lab) 2343
Anne Murgatroyd (UKIP) 655
Mohammed Rahman (Con) 323
Nathan David Fossey (Lib Dem) 323
Dean Locke (English Democrats) 307 (7%)
Kate Bisson (Green) 304

Crossgates & Whinmoor

Suzi Armitage (Lab) 3597
Darren Paul oddy (UKIP) 619
Dorothy Flynn (Con) 323
Ben Godthorpe (Green) 243
Keith Cecil Norman (Lib Dem) 195
John Ashton (English Democrats) 176 (3%)

Garforth & Swillington

Andrea Susan McKenna (Lab) 3499
Louise Jayne Turner (Con) 1785
Steve Elliott (English Democrats) 544 (9%)
Christine  Mavis Golton (Lib Dem) 208

Killingbeck & Seacroft

Graham Hyde (Lab) 3240
Sam Kelly (English Democrats) 487 (11%)
Elizabeth Mary Hayes (Con) 439
Harriet Chapman (Lib Dem) 223

Morley North

Robert Finnigan (MBI) 3517
Margaret Foster (Lab) 1240
David Schofield (Con) 519
Tom Redmond (English Democrats) 458 8%

Morley South

Judith Mary Elliott (MBI) 2690
Kathryn Rose (Lab) 1507
Chris Beverley (English Democrats) 811 (15%)
John Vincent McKee (Con) 376


David Nagle (Lab) 2564
Don Wilson (Lib Dem) 1926
Daniel Peter Farrell (Con) 399
David Daniel (UKIP) 366
Bernie Allen (English Democrats) 120 (3%)

Temple Newsam

Judith Cummins (Lab) 3137
Bill Hyde (Con) 1505
David Christopher Rudge (Ind) 654
Jordan Fawcett (English Democrats) 370 (6%)
Ian George Dowling (Lib Dem) 192


Jonathan Bentley (Lib Dem) 2119
Doreen Illingworth (Lab) 1762
Billy Flynn (Con) 818
Martin Francis Hemmingway (Green) 468
Alan Leslie Proctor (English Democrats) 236 (4%)
Declan Normashild (All Gr Soc NHS) 88


Wakefield West

Hilary Gail Mitchell (Lab) 1456
Philip Lewis Booth (Con) 1101
Norman Tate (English Democrats) 597 18%
Brian Else (Green) 226


Dewsbury South

Abdul Patel (Lab) 3341
Khizar Iqbal (Con) 1784
Shaun Maddox (English Democrats) 566 (9%)
Adrian Hugh Cruden (Green) 238
Bernard Thomas Disken (Lib Dem) 118
Paul Wheelhouse (TU & Soc/cuts) 63



Jane Nightingale (Lab) 1750
Barbara Hewitt (English Democrats) 681 (25%)
Alexandra Laura Allen (Con) 282

Bessacarr & Cantley

Monty Cuthbert (Lib Dem) 1764
Paul Bissett (Lab) 1230
Mark Davif Wells (Con) 623
Glenn Karl Bluff (English Democrats) 535 (13%)


Glynn Jones (Lab) 1957
Howard Dove (English Democrats) 533 (18%)
Ian Paul Hutchinson (Con) 297
Barbara Jean Bell (Lib Dem) 226

Edenthorpe, Kirk Sandall & Barnby Dun

Pat Hall (Lab) 1409
Keith John Hewitt (English Democrats) 731 (20%)
Karen Hampson (Lib Dem) 579
Barbara Fletcher (Con) 518
Karl Goodman (Ind) 437


Yvonne Woodcock (Con) 1803
Thomas Scott-Chambers (Lab) 1237
Nigel Berry (English Democrats) 1163 (26%)
John Brown (Lib Dem) 270


PatHaith (Lab) 1049
Mick Glynn (English Democrats) 827 (26%)
Jessie Jamieson Credland (Ind) 791
James Vincent Hart (Con) 343
Stewart Rayner (Com Gp) 176


Eva Hughes (Lab) 1696
Roy John Penketh (English Democrats) 806 (28%)
Malcolm Andrew Knight (Con) 351



Bryan Lodge (Lab) 2553
Graham Cheetham (UKIP) 555
Frank Plunkett (Green) 257
Victoria Margaret Bowden 9Lib Dem) 253
Calum Heaton (Con) 248
David Basil Wildgoose (English Democrats) 174 (4%)



Douglas Birkinshaw (Lab) 1,262
Dave Gibson (Ind) 347
Colin Porter (English Democrats) 286 (14.1%)
Anne Hayes (Con) 129


Steve Houghton (Lab) 1,684
Terry Hubbard (BNP) 244
Gill Wright (UKIP) 220
Anne Campbell (Con) 124
Carol Stacey (English Democrats) 115 4.6%


Caroline Saunders (Lab) 1,142
Carmen E Hancock (Barnsley Independent Group) 984
David Burnett (English Democrats) 209 (8.5%)
George Hill (Con) 115

Darton East

Lesley Duerden (Lab) 1,172
Sharon Love (Barnsley Independent Group) 910
Howard Pearson (Con) 234
Sharon Sutton (English Democrats) 185 (7.2%)
Ben Wilson (Lib Dem) 58

Darton West

Alice Cave (Lab) 1,608
Ian Sutton (English Democrats) 505 (19.4%)
Sam England (Con) 488

Hoyland Milton

Mick Stowe (Lab) 1,524
Damion Krska (Barnsley Independent Group) 635
Justin Saxton, English Democrats 243 (9.0%)
Elizabeth Hill (Con) 183
Brian Caton (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 125


Donna Green (Lab) 1,099
Geoff Bowden (Barnsley Independent Group) 458
Nathan Walker (English Democrats) 120 (6.4%)
Danny Cooke (BNP) 116
Clive Watkinson (Con) 94

Old Town

Phil Davies (Lab) 1,391
Clive Pickering (Barnsley Independent Group) 665
Donald Wood (Ind) 214 
David Peace (English Democrats) 206 (7.8%)
Howard Oldfield (Con) 182


Emma Patricia Dures (Lab) 1,611
Steve Sylvester (Barnsley Independent Group) 774
Kevin David Riddiough, English Democrats 253 (9.1%)
Mike Toon (Con) 168


Graham Kyte (Lab) 1,573
Jim Johnson (UKIP) 322
Edward Alan Gouthwaite (Ind) 248
Gill Millner (Con) 117
Paul Robinson (English Democrats) 73 (3.1%)

St Helen's

Sarah Jane Tattersal, Labour 1,387
Dean Walker (English Democrats) 222 (13.1%)
Lesley Watkinson (Con) 85


Margaret Morgan (Lab) 1,769
Trevor Smith (Barnsley Independent Group) 329
Gary Carnell (English Democrats) 192 (8.0%)
Alex Wilkinson, Conservative 124 (5.1%)

Friday, 4 May 2012

Morley results and great news from Doncaster

Pictured above: at the Morley counts today

Here are the results from the 3 Morley wards:

Ardsley and Robin Hood

Lab 2318
Tory 884
Joanna Beverley English Democrats 787  (17%) 
MBI 626

Morley North
MBI 3517
Lab 1240
Tory 519
Tom Redmond English Democrats 458  (8%)
Morley South 

MBI 2690
Lab 1507
Chris Beverley English Democrats 811 (15%)
Tory 376

The full Leeds results can be viewed here.

This was very much an austerity campaign for us in Morley and our resources were spread alot thinner than last year. Nevertheless we did our very best under the circumstances and I believe our votes were respectable enough.

The English Democrats have had some very encouraging results from across the country which highlight the progress which our party continues to make.

For me though, the best news of the day was the result of the Doncaster referendum on whether the Elected Mayor system should be retained. Righly or wrongly, this referendum has been billed as a vote of confidence on the English Democrats and our Mayor Peter Davies and were the people of Doncaster to have voted to abolish the Elected Mayor system this would inevitably have been portrayed as a snub to our party.

Congratulations to all English Democrats candidates and thank you to everyone who voted for our party in yesterday's local elections.

The progress of the English Democrats continues!

Some good Barnsley results

Pictured: Ian Sutton (left) achieved 19.4% in Darton West. Kevin Riddiough (right) got 9.1% in Rockingham.

Our Barnsley Local election results

 Central - LABOUR HOLD
*Douglas Birkinshaw, Labour 1,262 (62.4%)
Dave Gibson, independent 347 (17.1%)
Colin Porter, English Democrats 286 (14.1%)
Anne Hayes, Conservative 129 (6.4%)

Cudworth - LABOUR HOLD
*Steve Houghton, Labour 1,684 (67.1%)
Terry Hubbard, BNP 244 (9.7%)
Gill Wright, UKIP 220 (8.8%)
Anne Campbell, Conservative 124 (4.9%)
Carol Stacey, English Democrats 115 (4.6%)

Caroline Saunders, Labour 1,142 (46.8%)
Carmen E Hancock, Barnsley Independent Group 984 (40.0%)
David Burnett, English Democrats 209 (8.5%)
George Hill, Conservative 115 (4.7%)

Darton East - LABOUR HOLD
Lesley Duerden, Labour 1,172 (45.8%)
Sharon Love, Barnsley Independent Group 910 (35.6%)
Howard Pearson, Conservative 234 (9.1%)
Sharon Sutton, English Democrats 185 (7.2%)
Ben Wilson, Liberal Democrats 58 (2.3%)

Darton West - LABOUR HOLD
*Alice Cave, Labour 1,608 (61.8%)
Ian Sutton, English Democrats 505 (19.4%)
Sam England, Conservative 488 (18.8%)

Dearne North - LABOUR HOLD
*Jennifer Margaret Worton, Labour 1,314 (69.1%)
Ian Garner, Barnsley Independent Group 501 (26.3%)
Jonathan Robinson, Conservative 87 (4.6%)

Dearne South - LABOUR HOLD
*Sharron Brook, Labour 1,848 (82.5%)
Susan Elaine Garner, Barnsley Independent Group 277 (12.4%)
Paul Edward Buckley, Conservative 114 (5.1%)

*Phillip Birkinshaw, Barnsley Independent Group 1,396 (49.0%)
Tony Wright, Labour 1,165 (40.8%)
Andrew Barr, Conservative 292 (10.2%)

Hoyland Milton - LABOUR GAIN
Mick Stowe, Labour 1,524 (56.2%)
Damion Krska, Barnsley Independent Group 635 (23.4%)
Justin Saxton, English Democrats 243 (9.0%)
Elizabeth Hill, Conservative 183 (6.8%)
Brian Caton, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 125 (4.6%)

Kingstone - LABOUR GAIN
Donna Green, Labour 1,099 (58.2%)
Geoff Bowden, Barnsley Independent Group 458 (24.3%)
Nathan Walker, English Democrats 120 (6.4%)
Danny Cooke, BNP 116 (6.1%)
Clive Watkinson, Conservative 94 (5.0%)

Monk Bretton - LABOUR GAIN
Steve Green, Labour 1,398 (35.3%)
*Grace Brown, independent 719 (18.2%)
Jane Hubbard, BNP 286 (7.2%)
Chris Pilkington, Conservative, 116 (2.9%)

North East - LABOUR GAIN
Jeff Ennis, Labour 1,625 (54.8%)
Stella Milner, Barnsley Independent Group 1,250 (41.5%)
Peter Murray, Conservative 137 (4.5%)

Phil Davies, Labour 1,391 (52.3%)
Clive Pickering, Barnsley Independent Group 665 (25.0%)
Donald Wood, independent 214 (8.1%)
David Peace, English Democrats 206 (7.8%)
Howard Oldfield, Conservative 182 (7.0%)

*John Wilson, Conservative 1,405 (42.2%)
Jill Hayler, Labour 1,298 (39.0%)
Gylnis Heathcote, UKIP 629 (18.9%)

Penistone West - LABOUR GAIN
Peter John Starling, Labour 1,389 (47.6%)
*Steve Webber, Conservative 1,337 (45.9%)
Robert Teal, Liberal Democrats 190 (6.5%)

Rockingham - LABOUR GAIN
Emma Patricia Dures, Labour 1,611 (58.0%)
Steve Sylvester, Barnsley Independent Group 774 (27.9%)
Kevin David Riddiough, English Democrats 253 (9.1%)
Mike Toon, Conservative 168 (6.1%)

*Graham Kyte, Labour 1,573 (67.4%)
Jim Johnson, UKIP 322 (13.8%)
Edward Alan Gouthwaite, independent 248 (10.6%)
Gill Millner, Conservative 117 (5.0%)
Paul Robinson, English Democrats 73 (3.1%)

St Helen's - LABOUR HOLD
Sarah Jane Tattersal, Labour 1,387 (81.2%)
Dean Walker, English Democrats 222 (13.1%)
Lesley Watkinson, Conservative 85 (5.0%)

Stairfoot - LABOUR GAIN
Wayne Johnson, Labour 1,140 (46.1%)
*Fred Clowery, Barnsley Independent Group 981 (39.7%)
Sandra Baker, BNP 193 (7.8%)
Delia Weldon, Conservative 102 (4.1%)
Frank Watson, Socialist Labour 58 (2.4%)

Wombwell - LABOUR HOLD
*Margaret Morgan, Labour 1,769 (73.3%)
Trevor Smith, Barnsley Independent Group 329 (13.6%)
Gary Carnell, English Democrats 192 (8.0%)
Alex Wilkinson, Conservative 124 (5.1%)

*Gill Carr, Barnsley Independent Group 1,108 (47.6%)
Kevin Williams, Labour 969 (41.6%)
Terry Robinson, Socialist Labour 126 (5.4%)
Helen Jean Smith, Conservative 124 (5.3%)

*denotes a sitting councillor

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Have you received your postal vote?

I received the following press release in an email from Leeds City Council's elections office today.

May 1 2012

People urged to contact council if postal vote packs not arrived

People in Leeds still waiting for postal ballot forms for this week’s elections are urged to contact the council after reports some voting packs have not yet been delivered.

Voters are due to go to the polls on Thursday May 3 to vote in the local elections and mayoral referendum in Leeds.

A question mark has arisen over the delivery of up to 2,167 postal votes in the final batch due to be delivered by printers to Royal Mail for first class despatch on April 23. Leeds City Council has launched an investigation into what had happened to those packs after receiving calls from 90 people in that batch to say they had not yet arrived.

Unfortunately replacement ballot packs cannot be re-delivered by post. This is because regulations state that if an elector does not receive their postal vote they must provide proof of identity to receive a replacement.

Tom Riordan, Returning Officer for Leeds City Council, said:

“It’s unfortunate that out of nearly 100,000 postal packs that this number appear to have been mislaid. I’m satisfied that the council did everything it should to ensure that the ballot packs were ready and issued in plenty of time.  
“We are making special arrangements to ensure everyone who registered to vote by post is able to do so. We urge people to contact us if their pack has not arrived.
“It will not be possible for people to vote twice, since if a request is received to re-issue a pack the original pack is cancelled. If the original is returned it would be rejected during verification of the votes. Anyone who is still waiting for their ballot pack can call the council on 0113- 222 4411 to arrange to collect a replacement from the elections office at Leeds Town Hall on The Headrow.
Arrangements have been made for the office to be open late until 8pm today and tomorrow (Tue/Wed May 1/2) to allow access for people unable to call in during the day. It will also be open right up until the deadline of 5pm on polling day on Thursday- this is the normal legal deadline for the re-issue of postal ballot packs.
The Town Hall’s car parking spaces will also be made available to the public for the collection of replacement postal packs only. Special arrangements are being made by the council for people who have difficulty in getting to the Town Hall, particularly the elderly or other vulnerable people- please call the elections number on 0113- 222 4411 to discuss.
It will not be too late to return the completed forms since all postal ballots can be returned by post as late as 5pm on voting day. They can also be handed in to any Leeds polling stations or at the Town Hall up till 10pm on polling day. Leeds City Council has this year issued postal ballot packs to 94,753 voters.
For media enquiries please contact: Donna Cox, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 224 3335 e-mail:"