Thursday, 29 March 2012

Barnsley meeting

Here is a pic from last night's English Democrats meeting in Barnsley at which I spoke.

A report on this meeting will appear shortly.

Our Barnsley branch is making great progress and will be fielding a significant number of candidates in the upcoming local elections and it was a pleasure to speak at their meeting yesterday.

Nominations for local election candidates close next Wednesday. If you are interested in standing as a candidate please get in touch right away.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Election time is here

Here is my latest article from the English Democrats website...

The local elections of May 3rd are fast approaching. These elections are an excellent opportunity for our party to demonstrate the progress we are making and the increasing support which we enjoy.

Last May we won our first seats at this level, in Boston, Lincolnshire. Our excellent councillors there have done some great work in their communities and done our party proud. We need more elected representatives like them!

This May we want to field more candidates than ever before. As a political party, standing candidates in elections must be our main focus, and this is why we need more people to come forward now and volunteer to stand as local election candidates on May 3rd.

We have better publicity material than ever before and our party enjoys a higher media profile and level of public recognition than has ever been the case.

We need to stand the maximum number of seats in order to capitalise on these advances and further our party's development. Nomination papers can start to be handed in next week and the deadline for nominations is 12 noon on the 4th of April.

Further guidance can be found on the Electoral Commission website here.

If you would like to find out more about standing as a candidate please get in touch with us today on 0207 242 1066.


To the above I would add the following advice for members and supporters as well as organisers:

Members and supporters and occasional activists: Election time is no time to play hide and seek with your local organiser. If your local organiser contacts you then help however you can. Do not say you will help and then let him or her down as this the very worse thing that you can do.

Be proactive and actually contact your organiser and offer to help - don't wait for him or her to contact you. They will really appreciate you doing this, I assure you. The elections will be over in less than 6 weeks. Just do your best to help between now and then and you can have the rest of the year off if you feel you need to. Now is the time you can really make a difference.

Organisers/local party chairmen: Do not expect anyone to be proactive and come forward to offer their help in this election. If they do it is a bonus and the person who does this is very special indeed. You should expect to have to do alot yourself. Do not expect others to care as much as you or want to put in the same amount of effort. There is, after all, a reason why you are the organiser and they are not, and it is usually because when there was nobody else willing to do the job then you were the person who cared enough to take it on. This does not apply to you if you are one of those strange people who joins a party and immediately seeks a position of authority for the sake of having a position of authority but in my experience such low-calibre people do not last long in their roles and soon disappear are are forgotten.

History is forged by determined individuals. You may sometimes think that your love for the Cause is more of a curse than a blessing but one cannot elect to dismiss such feelings. The elections will be over in less than 6 weeks. Just do your best between now and then and although you probably won't feel the need to have the rest of the year off, you can certainly have a well-earned post-election break.

To everyone: election time is a stressful time for branches that do things properly and stand lots of candidates. The high turnover of people within the nationalist movement means that there are always a significant number of people doing it for the first time, who will not know what to expect and will completely underestimate what is involved.

Whatever happens and however stressful it may get, election time is a time for all our people to pull together and work hard to achieve the best results possible. Please all do everything you can to ensure that these local elections are the best ones yet for the English Democrats.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

BNP members rate Robin Tilbrook above Nick Griffin

A number of articles based on the findings of a new study of the 'far-right' by Matthew Goodwin, of the University of Nottingham, and Jocelyn Evans, of Salford University, appeared in the press recently.

An example was an article entitled: Far right hardcore 'willing to prepare for armed conflict' in the Guardian.

The study behind this report, which can be found here, focuses primarily on the BNP & UKIP. These two thoroughly unpleasant parties have much in common with one another, and both are virulently hostile towards the English Democrats.

Although the document has been published by the equally unsavoury and misnamed far-left group 'Hope not Hate', the research carried out by the two academics who authored it appears to be factual and unbiased.

One particular gem in this publication which led me to write this article can be found on page 21 of the document in table 8 under the heading: Views towards political leaders.

The results in this table reveals that the BNP respondents gave Nick Griffin a 6.5 out of 10 rating for competent leadership, however they rated Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats higher with a score of 7.3, making him the most highly regarded of all political leaders among BNP members!

UKIP, for all their many faults, at least ranked their own leader above all other, with Nigel Farage achieving a score of 7 with the next highest leader - Alex Salmond - getting 4.3.

I have only been an English Democrats member for almost a year now so I am still fairly new but I think I can safely say that I agree with the BNP respondents on the subject of Robin Tilbrook's competence as a party leader.

Robin puts a huge amount of his own money into the party rather than taking it out. He does well when interviewed by the media, and I think the chances of him launching a murder plot hoax against senior English Democrats officials in the run up to an important election are somewhere around the zero mark.

BNP members should take heart that the English Democrats welcome genuine converts to the Cause who has seen the light and leave the BNP. I am a prime example of that.

Life is too short to waste time propping up a corrupt regime which compromises any good people in it and turns bad people worse. Getting out of the BNP was one of the best things I ever did, and I hope that many more good nationalists will experience the relief I felt once I was out.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New book by Filip Dewinter hot off the press. Buy it here!

Inch’Allah? The Islamization of Europe

By Filip Dewinter, one of the leaders of the Vlaams Belang.

Inch’Allah? is an account of radical Islam’s inroads into Europe. The book reveals the true nature of Islam which, unlike other faiths, also comprises a dangerous totalitarian ideology, contrary to European freedoms, values and standards.

While Europeans are being lulled by multicultural indoctrination and propaganda, mass immigration serves as the Trojan horse of Islam.

By means of a cunning ghetto strategy, based on the deliberate formation of Muslim enclaves in our cities, Islam seeks to establish bridgeheads from which the only true belief can be promulgated.

Radical Islam has chosen the path of conversion, infiltration, agitation, intimidation, and, if necessary, violence. Left unchecked, the demographic, cultural and military jihad will totally transform Europe, into Eurabia.

The third Muslim invasion is in full swing, but the tide can still be turned. It is not too late to bring an end to the Islamic colonization of Europe.

Therefore, instead of embracing Islam and multiculturalism, Europe must pull itself together and stop the influx of ever more immigrants, halt the silent advance of Islam, and instead celebrate and propagate its own priceless cultural identity.

Price: £13.50 (inc. p&p to UK - please get in touch for overseas p&p prices).

To order by post:

Please send a cheque/postal order for £13.50 made payable to English Democrats (Leeds Support Group) to:

PO Box 116,
LS27 9WW.

To pay by credit card click on the 'buy it now' link under the photograph of this book down the right hand side of this page.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

2012 Spring Conference Report

Here is my latest article from the English Democrats website...

On Saturday 10 March 2012 the Spring Conference of the English Democrats was held in Swanley in Kent. An enjoyable social event was held on the preceding night for those who lived locally or were staying the night.

The conference was opened on Saturday by David Lane and Mike Tibby, and following this Robin Tilbrook gave his Chairman's Address, which is available to read on his blog here.

National Secretary Derek Hilling was up next to explain about elections to the party's National Council. He also oversaw the election of our new party Treasurer to the National Council, Alan Bennett-Spencer, who received the unanimous backing of the assembled conference attendees.

Policy Committee chairman Charles Vickers and Alan Malin then outlined plans for the party's 2012 AGM , which promises to be a very exciting event indeed.

After a coffee break, Charles Vickers took to the podium once more to give a fascinating talk on economic growth, which provoked a lively question and answer session upon its conclusion.

Following this the conference heard a very enlightening speech by Steven Davis of the Campaign for an English Parliament (

In his speech, Mr Davis exposed prime minister David Cameron's latest bluster over Scotland as a mere bribe to try and coax the Scottish people into voting against independence in the upcoming referendum on the issue. He spoke of the work of the CEP and told the audience of an excellent range of new publicity material which will be available from the group soon.

Mr Davis was asked about the recent appearance that he and a number of colleagues made at the UKIP party conference. He revealed that a significant proportion of the UKIP members in attendance at their conference were extremely hostile to the CEP volunteers and made it clear that they vehemently opposed the idea of England being treated fairly and being allowed to have its own parliament.

One UKIP delegate was so incensed at the idea of an English parliament that this person actually assaulted one of the CEP volunteers on two separate occasions during the day. The display of such outrageous and downright thuggish behaviour by representatives of UKIP exposes the contempt for which UKIP has for England and the English, however much some of their more astute members may try to deny this in order to try and hijack some of the support which is increasingly finding its way to the English Democrats.

During the meeting a one-minute silence was proposed by Margaret Stoll in honour of the six young men from the Huddersfield area who were tragically killed in Afghanistan recently. Her proposal received unanimous backing and the conference attendees rose as one and stood in silence for one minute.

After a lunch break National Events Organiser Steve Uncles outlined the key upcoming events in the nationalist calendar for 2013. This included an exposition of plans for the commemoration of the battle of Flodden of 9 September 1513, which will have its 500th anniversary next year.

Next to speak was Carlton Maflin of the Workers of England Union. Mr Maflin delivered a very informative talk which focussed primarily on the recent tribunal victory achieved by the union in the case of English Nationalist nurse Eddie Bone, which we publicised here.

Mr Maflin also told the audience of the growth experienced by this trade union, which can be seen, for instance, in the fact that it has representatives in a total of 28 different bus depots. The Workers of England Union do some fantastic work for our beleaguered people and we would highly recommend that English Democrats members join this excellent union through their website here.

Next to speak was English Democrats' councillor Seamus Dunne, who gave an interesting account of his work as a local elected representative.

This was followed by a discussion of devolution and the English Question by Derek Hilling.

After a coffee break, Robin Tilbrook and Stephen Morris took us through the party's 2012 elections strategy, which included an examination of the upcoming police commissioner elections (in November 2012) and various mayoral referenda and elections. To that end, Stephen Morris gave a very well received detailed presentation on the work which he and his team had carried out in Salford to secure a referendum on the issue and then a yes vote in the referendum, which resulted in the planned mayoral election in the town on May 3rd.

Delegates then sang Jerusalem heartily to formally bring the meeting to an end.

The day finished with an informal Chairman's dinner and light hearted quiz contest.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Spring Conference and all those who helped to organise it and ensure that it was a resounding success.

There was a real sense of optimism among the attendees at the weekend as it is clear that our Party is really going places.

Become a part of it by joining the English Democrats here.


To the above I would just add that I was very impressed with the Carlton Maflin from the Workers of England Union. I genuinely had no idea about the good work that this union does until I read about the aforementioned Eddie bone case recently, and having listened to their top-calibre speaker on Saturday it is clear to me that this is a very worthwhile organisation.

I would urge all working people to join this union both to show your support and also for your own good should you ever need their help. As was made clear in the Eddie bone case, wretched organisations like Unison are certainly not there to help us.

With the Workers of England Union's presence at the conference, along with that of the Campaign for an English Parliament and the Steadfast Trust who were represented by a vendor from the excellent We Are The English online store (see link at very bottom of this blog), it really felt as though this more than just an English Democrats conference but rather a conference of the English Nationalist movement as a whole, of which the English Democrats are merely the electoral arm.

All these organisations do excellent work in their own specialised fields, and I would urge everyone to support them however you can, depending on your own particular interests and abilities.

For me the direct political-electoral struggle will always get the bulk of my attention, but I respect the fact that others prefer to focus their efforts in other fields. Such worthwhile organisations as those I have listed here allow people to do just that whilst still making a difference to the Cause.

All in all this was an extremely positive weekend and well worth the very early start on the Saturday that getting down to Kent on the Saturday morning entailed.

It really feels good to be involved in this party.

Monday, 12 March 2012

BBC News Interview & Chairman's Conference Speech

There's so much going on at the moment that I did not even realise that Robin Tilbrook was also on BBC News on Friday in addition doing the radio interviews that I have plugged on this blog here and here.

The BBC News Interview can be viewed on Robin's blog here.

Here is what the BBC website had to say about this:

English Democrats: England's voice must be heard, says Tilbrook

England's voice must be "properly heard" if Scotland votes for independence, the leader of the English Democrats has said.

Ahead of the party's spring conference in Kent on Saturday, Robin Tilbrook told the BBC the biggest parties were unwilling to address the issue.

The party will launch its local elections campaign at the conference.

Mr Tilbrook, who is standing for London mayor in May, said other parties were "not interested in England".

The English Democrats say they have about 3,000 members and Mr Tilbrook has said the party has a "big task ahead" to raise the £10,000 deposit, and 330 signatures - 10 from each borough and from the City of London - required to stand as mayor in London.

The party also plans to stand candidates for mayoral elections in Liverpool and Salford and in local elections in England. They are also campaigning for a "yes" vote in referendums in 12 English cities on whether they want directly-elected mayors.

Ahead of the conference, Mr Tilbrook told the BBC: "The political parties are not willing to mention the word England.

"You have only got to look at the fact that none of them came up with even a manifesto for England. They are quite happy to have a manifesto for Scotland, a manifesto for Wales and then they have a UK manifesto."

He said politicians were happy to talk about "our country" or the "United Kingdom" - even when they were referring to policies that applied to England only, like the NHS shake-up or university tuition fees.

"In the discussions that occur after the SNP have their referendum, if the vote is as we expect it may well be, in favour of independence, then obviously English interests have got to be taken into account."

He said the Acts of Union had joined the two kingdoms: "If the kingdom of Scotland goes, the UK has gone and at that point, we have got to have England's voice properly heard."

The English Democrats currently have one elected mayor - Peter Davies in Doncaster - one county councillor and five district councillors.

Robin has also published the excellent speech that he gave at Saturday's conference on his blog here.

I was pleased to hear Robin slam UKIP for their thoroughly dishonourable behaviour of late. It is clear that UKIP remain the chief obstacle to nationalist progress in England, however much some people may wish otherwise.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Two more great radio interviews

Since Robin Tilbrook's appearance on Radio 5 Live on Friday there have been another couple of notable radio interviews which are well worth a listen.

Yesterday morning our party secretary Derek Hilling was on Radio 5 Live and debated with a representative of the SNP:

BBC Radio 5 Weekend Breakfast 10/3/2012

This feature commences at 1:37.00

In addition to this, Robin Tilbrook was interviewed by Radio Wales this morning:

BBC Radio Wales 11/3/2012

Robin's appearance begins at 34 minutes.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spring Conference 2012

Here is a pic from today's fantastic English Democrats Spring Conference in Kent.

This was the best party event I have attended so far.

I will post more on this soon.

Friday, 9 March 2012

A good few days

There have been a few good bits of good news and publicity for us this week.

First we had the news that English nationalist nurse Edward Bone won his employment tribunal and exposed the vile trade union Unison for the anti-English bullies that they are. The story featured on the Daily Gazette website as well as on the English Democrats homepage.

Congratulations to Mr Bone and the Workers of England Union.

Yesterday's town council result down in Southend was also a good one:

The count was held last night for the Bonchurch ward by-election for Leigh-on-Sea Town Council which come under Southend-on-Sea - in the Only county of Essex.

The full result was:

Independent – 139 votes - 51.7%Labour – 67 votes – 24.9%
English Democrats (Lisa Simmonds) – 60 votes – 22.3%
National Front – 3 votes – 1.1%
Turn out 24.2%
Finally there was an excellent appearance by our chairman Robin Tilbrook on Radio 5 Live this morning on the subject of elected mayors.

His interview can be listened to via the following link. Robin's appearance commences at 45.15 minutes.

BBC iPlayer - 5 live Breakfast: 09/03/2012

The English Democrats continue to make progress on all fronts.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lib-Lab-Con Reintroduce Witchcraft to England

Pictured: A Medieval witch buring.

This week's jailing of Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend Eric Bikubi for the ritualistic murder of 15 year old French Congolese boy Kristy Bamu has once more, however briefly, brought attention to an increasing problem arising from the superstitious belief in witchcraft which is endemic to some immigrant communities from the African subcontinent.

Tragic Bamu was visiting the couple (Magelie was his sister) from Paris for Christmas, when he, along with his two sisters, was accused of practicing witchcraft. All three siblings were beaten by the pair, but the sisters were spared further violence upon 'confessing' to being witches.

It was 15 year old Kristy's refusal to 'confess' that led to him being subjected to days of unimaginably cruel torture which culminated in his eventual death on Christmas Day 2010.

Whilst such antediluvian brutality remains incomprehensible to most of us, this latest case appears to be the mere tip of the iceberg, with Scotland Yard announcing that it has investigated 83 cases involving abuse resulting from faith-based or ritualistic or beliefs over the past 10 years.

In response to this case, Det Supt Terry Sharpe explained: "The sentencing reflected the brutality and sadistic cruelty inflicted on Kristy in the days leading up to his death.

"This is a hidden and under-reported crime and therefore difficult to deal with in terms of protecting potential victims from harm."

It is bad enough that successive Tory and Labour governments have managed to reintroduce witchcraft-based religious persecution and murder into England after a break of many centuries. But its effects have been exacerbated by their politically correct ideology - the unofficial state religion of modern Britain - underpinned as it is by the doctrine of cultural relativism which declares that barbaric and cruel belief systems are perfectly compatible with life in our modern society and, if anything, superior to those fusty old English traditions!

This principle (in relation to witchcraft-related killings) was echoed in what must surely win the prize for the ironic quote of the week by John Azah, chairman of the British Federation of Race Equality Councils, who stated that; "There isn't the commitment by the government to bring this thing wide open...They are too scared of being accused of racism."

It is appalling that we have a government which imports such barbarity into these islands, but it could be argued that as we consistently vote for the parties which cause the problem, we* thoroughly deserve to live in a country which is regressing to the Dark Ages.

Clearly the harm done by the our politically correct masters does not end there, however. Rather, let us take a moment to reflect on the appalling deaths inflicted on all the victims of this form of political correctness, including Kristy Bamu, Victoria Climbie and all the other children who have been tortured and killed due to their misfortune of being in a country dominated by this cruel dogma.

What's more, it has been claimed that the prolonged nature of the barbarity displayed in this case would have been unlikely to have occurred in the Congo, which is more community-orientated that modern London. African studies expert Dr Richard Hoskins told the BBC: "It's pretty inconceivable two people could do that for five days in Kinshasa - there is a community glue in place.

"But in London it is very easy to be anonymous and hidden."

The malign combination of mass Third World immigration and multi-culturalist political correctness will continue to produce tragic cases like this one until both these phenomena are brought to an definitive end.

See also: Africans Unite Against Child Abuse

*Yes I know, this is a provocative statement, and you may be one of those people like me who has NEVER voted for the Lib-Lab-Con cartel and probably never would. The 'we' here is intended to be used in the broadest sense to refer to the English electorate of which we are a part.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How to leave the EU

I received the following message in my inbox this morning from former MEP Ashley Mote which I thought was worth reproducing here.

As the anti-EU cause continues to win support across the UK, the mechanics of exactly how we should go about leaving will increasingly become a topic for debate.

This this article is a good contribution to that debate.

6 March 2012
'Time to Say No' (the pamphlet) and 'Leaving the EU' (the DVD)

A Cautionary Warning

Much as I admire both Ian Milne and Trevor Colman – and have worked with both in my time – I fear the solution offered both in the pamphlet and the film is utterly unrealistic.

The idea that we accept the terms of the EU treaties and give two year’s notice of leaving is foolhardy, naive and dangerous.

Trevor, in particular, should now know better. He’s been there and seen how the EU works.

So have I.

Those two years would be used by the bureaucrats to achieve two things :

1. They would mount a huge and sustained PR campaign in the UK to “warn” the people of the UK of the terrible consequences of leaving. Our own taxpayer’s money would be used against us in a sustained campaign to undermine the then UK government’s objective. Every incident, problem, crisis would be “sold” to the BBC and the other pro-EU media as being the direct and inescapable result of the UK’s decision to leave.

2. Any and every EU regulation and directive which has been passed into UK law would be nit-picked over and reinforced with threats of fines and prosecution in the European Court of Justice (and probably the European Court of Human Rights which, BTW, is not an EU institution). Any interim activity planned by the British government would also be examined microscopically for any apparent unlawful activity, and again policed with threats. It would be a logistical and administrative nightmare for the then UK government.

Given the pathetic wimpishness of recent prime ministers when faced with the EU they might easily buckle.

That, of course, would be the EU’s purpose. They would do everything they could - legal or illegal, moral or immoral, truthful or not - to have the notice to withdraw itself withdrawn.

Such a sustained campaign – fully understood by only a small fraction of the UK’s electorate - might even win the day, especially if the then British government succumbed to pressure for a second referendum. The EU has a long and fearful track-record of winning referenda re-runs.

There is only one way to leave.

Repeal the European Communities Act, 1972. We are immediately free. Over 100,000 pages of secondary legislation (Statutory Instruments) fall simultaneously.

No further discussion, except perhaps about practicalities.

Two serious issues linger, however. First, it would be essential for the then UK government to declare a moratorium on any contracts or other legal agreements based on now repealed Statutory Instruments, to allow the various parties involved to negotiate new terms in an orderly fashion under UK law.

Secondly, all UK primary law enacted in compliance with EU directives should be subject to a similar moratorium for an specific period while an orderly series of repeals or amendments are made in the best interests of the British people. UK primary legislation based on damaging EU directives is extensive - Health and Safety being a classic example.

I am sorry to differ from my erstwhile colleagues, but I fear their route has far too many potentially catastrophic self-generated booby-traps.

We have to remember we are a sovereign nation. The decision is ours, and only ours.

Ashley Mote

To respond to, or comment on this Email, please email

Click to visit the site now.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Update on Campaign Against Murder of South African Farmers

Press Release,
6 March 2012:

48 European Members of Parliament from 19 different member states and 7 political groups condemn ‘farm attacks’ against white South Africans

Philip Claeys (VB) thanks Louis Michel (MR) for his support

Only the Greens – the group the N-VA is part of – refuses to take action and protect the South African Boers.

Philip Claeys (Vlaams Belang), Andreas Mölzer (FPÖ) and Fiorello Provera (Lega Nord) submitted a written declaration to the European Parliament to protest against the ongoing ‘farm attacks’ in South Africa, which have already led to the death of thousands of Boers – white South Africans.

This declaration emphasizes the concern of the European Parliament and the systematic character of the attacks against white South Africans, and asks the South African government to urgently take measures to protect the Boers.

The declaration has been signed by 48 European Members of Parliament from 19 different member states and 7 political groups: Socialists, Liberals, Christian Democrats, Independents, the Eurosceptics of the EFD and the ECR, and even a member of the Communist group. “This shows that the horrendous ‘farm attacks’ are of great concern to several political groups across Europe”, Philip Claeys MEP concluded.

Vlaams Belang would like to thank in particular Louis Michel (MR) for his remarkable support for this initiative.

Another remarkable fact is that only one group did not support this declaration: the Greens - of which Frieda Brepoels (N-VA) is a member. Vlaams Belang regrets the fact that the Greens and the N-VA apparently are not concerned by the massive killing of white South African Boers…

Rob Verreycken
Secretary-general of Vlaams Belang in the European Parliament


See also: (Some) MEPs oppose the murder of South African farmers and A very important Written Declaration in the European Parliament

Friday, 2 March 2012

Urgent Appeal for Funds!

This year in the local elections in Leeds we will be fielding more English Democrats candidates than ever before.

Our party is making progress on all levels, but one thing that we lack is money. We are not bankrolled by big business or the trade unions, we rely on our supporters for all our funding.

Here in Morley we want to ensure that we can fund a professional campaign to build on the support that we have in the town. In addition to this, we want to move into other areas of Leeds and distribute as many professionally produced leaflets as possible.

This is in addition to the work we are doing in support of a yes vote in the Mayoral referendum which will be held on May 3rd.

This all costs money and if we are to realise our aims with regard to the pending campaign we need to raise the funds to do so now.

Glossy leaflets for a whole Leeds ward (containing around 10,000 houses) will cost us around £250. This may appear to be a relatively modest sum for such a large quantity of leaflets, but when it is multiplied over a number of wards across Leeds the figure starts to mount.

I am proud to represent the English Democrats and I will be proud to stand as a candidate again in May. I do not want lack of money to be the reason why we do not perform as well as we would like.

If you can make a donation, whether it is £250 to pay for leaflets for a whole ward*, or £5 towards such leaflets, your support would be very much appreciated and needed.

You can donate to us by Paypal by clicking on the 'donate' button on the right hand side of this page.

If sending a cheque, please make it payable to "English Democrats" and send to:

English Democrats
PO Box 116
LS27 9WW.

Every penny counts. Thank you all for your support!

*Should you wish to sponsor the leaflets for a particular ward then this can be arranged and would be most welcome.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Daily Politics footage

Here is the Youtube version of yesterday's Daily Politics feature with Robin Tilbrook.

This section of the show is also featured on the BBC website:

English Democrats: Robin Tilbrook on new Parliament

English Democrat Party (sic) leader Robin Tilbook climbs on the Daily Politics Soapbox to explain why he campaigns for England to have to have its own Parliament.

His party campaigns for England to have similar powers to those given to the three other nations in the United Kingdom.

There is also some great publicity for us on the Total Essex website in the form of this delightfully entitled piece:

Nationalist is standing for Mayor of London

A POLITICIAN from Willingale has put himself forward to become Essex's first elected police commissioner, and is also standing for London mayor.

Robin Tilbrook, chairman of the English Democrats party, is the second man to declare an interest in the commissioner job, following former chief superintendent Mick Thwaites.

The appointee will become one of the most influential people in Essex, with the power to hire and fire chief constables, set the force's nine-figure annual budget and outline its priorities.

The election for the police commissioner post will be held in November.
"The reported failure of Essex Police to solve even a tenth of burglaries exposes the problem that Essex Police, currently, are wrongly prioritised," said the 52-year-old.
"That can be corrected with the proper political determination and will."
Describing his party as "unashamedly English nationalist", the father of two has called for an end to "large-scale" immigration and for illegal immigrants to be deported.

Mr Tilbrook said:
"I believe that the law of England should be properly enforced but it should be done in a way which accords with the democratic will of the people of our nation.
"I can assure your readers and the people of Essex that, if elected, it will be my mission to inject a healthy dose of good old- fashioned English common sense into Essex's policing policy.

"I shall also focus the Chief Constable's priorities on solving real crime rather than politically correct social engineering."
As regards his prospects in the London mayoral election, Mr Tilbrook, from Quires Green, said:
"I have no particular expectation of being elected, but the main value of standing in the London election is we are entitled to a party political broadcast."
That election will take place at the beginning of May.