Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tribute to Marine Le Pen

This made me smile so I thought I would share it with you here.

Via: Marine le Pen, Sondages et Actualit├ęs


Anonymous said...

The generations born before the War carried in them the received wisdom of previous generations. They would have said that a mult-cultural, multi-racial borderless world would be one of constant friction and conflict and just could not work. They would point to the running sore legacy of black slavery in America. Then came the baby boomers who were so spoilt that they never matured, revelled in the flower power of the 1960s and became the Marxist students of the 1970s and ultimately, God forbid, the opinion formers for succeeding generations. They still think the world should be some vast borderless hippy commune where we all live together in love and peace. And look what they have done. The unworkable EU project is about to collapse in bankrupcy and in America Muslims are stoning Christians and in Luton Sikhs besieging the police station because of the actions of Muslim paedophiles. In Dewsbury the "Anti-Nazis" are screaming at the prospect of a march by the EDL in their peaceful multicultural heaven. First the Euro will collapse, then the EU will collapse and then there will be violent inter-racial strife all over Europe and in America as Europeans become a minority in country after country. And what will the hippies do? Smoke another joint I expect. They should have asked Old Jo. He would have said they were totally daft.

daithikent said...

Anonymous - that seems rather negative. I do not believe the majority culture of England will supplanted by any of our minority cultures. The British elite may collapse, but England will arise. And as for the USA I think that it is better served collapsing, it's too big! And they moved away from Anglo centric ideals as a result of their Imperial status. Their colonisation of the ancient lands of America was based on 'importing' the enslaved and 'oppressed' people of Europe for reasons of Capital.