Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Murder of South African farmers: follow-up meeting


Anonymous said...

I read recently of a case of a farmer who was shot dead on his game farm and his wife paralysed. There were American tourists staying there at the time who were too shocked to speak. Hopefully, they will take the story back to America, one of the prime movers in ending apartheid and bringing Mandela to power ( or was it that evil crew in New York again?). Our local school is always saving up for trips to the rainbow nation and without doubt are enraptured by London's multi-culti fest the rainbow Olympic Games. I wonder if those same schoolchildren realise that when their children or grandchildren are some of the last indigenous whites in these islands, they might share the same fate as those South African farmers. No, didn't think so, no child who has "benefited" from a Marxist education here is capable of deep thought, logic or questioning anythiing. They are just taught a biased syllabus to pass exams.

daithikent said...

I just to boycott goods from SA in the 1980 and can recall having a set to(?) with a produce manager of a supermarket. Funny old world, I thought we 'judged' nations on how they treat their minorities. I still not to have much to do with Israel still, that has not really changed!