Friday, 4 May 2012

Morley results and great news from Doncaster

Pictured above: at the Morley counts today

Here are the results from the 3 Morley wards:

Ardsley and Robin Hood

Lab 2318
Tory 884
Joanna Beverley English Democrats 787  (17%) 
MBI 626

Morley North
MBI 3517
Lab 1240
Tory 519
Tom Redmond English Democrats 458  (8%)
Morley South 

MBI 2690
Lab 1507
Chris Beverley English Democrats 811 (15%)
Tory 376

The full Leeds results can be viewed here.

This was very much an austerity campaign for us in Morley and our resources were spread alot thinner than last year. Nevertheless we did our very best under the circumstances and I believe our votes were respectable enough.

The English Democrats have had some very encouraging results from across the country which highlight the progress which our party continues to make.

For me though, the best news of the day was the result of the Doncaster referendum on whether the Elected Mayor system should be retained. Righly or wrongly, this referendum has been billed as a vote of confidence on the English Democrats and our Mayor Peter Davies and were the people of Doncaster to have voted to abolish the Elected Mayor system this would inevitably have been portrayed as a snub to our party.

Congratulations to all English Democrats candidates and thank you to everyone who voted for our party in yesterday's local elections.

The progress of the English Democrats continues!


daithikent said...

Congratulations to yourself and the English Democrats. I too was pleased about the Doncaster mayor vote & those cities that voted for an elected mayor.

Anonymous said...

Well Done everybody!

Anonymous said...

Half decent results in all Yorkshire seats stood .

Why half decent and not great or wins ? my opinion is many seats are winnable for you if you had the manpower and finance . The best result in Barnsley was gained by a candidate who had almost no help leafleting so could only do one election leaflet and no canvassing a one man campaign cannot beat Labours election machine .

You need a massive recruitment campaign now the elections are over .
One suggestion with the football starting soon and the outpouring of patriotism that goes with it your party being styled as English nationalists are in a unique position to use the slogan you had on those T'shirts a few years ago in a county wide recruitment drive "England is for life not just football" would make a great headline for leaflets or even some high street bill boards if the money can be found .

It cant all be about elections you need to get people onboard in other ways so when those elections come round your in a position to fight them effectively .