Thursday, 31 May 2012

English Democrats achieve 33.5% in Morley by-election

Results of Central ward by-election, Morley Town Council
31st May 2012

Gareth Beevers (Morley Borough Independents) 305
Chris Beverley (English Democrats) 154 (33.5%)

(Rejected papers: 1)

Thank you to everyone who voted English Democrats in this election!


Wayne said...

Great result always near on impossible for a patriot in a 2 horse race as it becomes you against the world

Anonymous said...

30 to 40% I said would be good vote and you went just about in the middle so well done something to build on .
In a three horse race next time it might take just a slight increase to win this seat . Labours "mistake" worked against you but they cant play that one again without it being bloody obvious .

daithikent said...

Well done, a good result. I look forward to the day when good men and Patriot's such as yourself are elected to higher office. An English Parliament with elected English Nationalist members awaits I'm sure

Anonymous said...

Why nothing about this on the main website? A good result. Well done to Chris and everyone who helped out.