Saturday, 14 April 2012

Morley South fun

Pictured: My good friends James Clayton and Debra Kent came across from the North West to help in Morley today.

I spent several hours today distributing my election leaflet in Morley South (I will post it on this blog over the next few days).

I had heard that the extreme-left were going to be in town distributing their hate material against me so I was interested to see if we would bump into any of the fellows during the day.

Sure enough, as I was leafleting up Peel Street I noticed a couple of leafleters coming down towards us.

"Are these the reds?" I mused, as I quickly and instinctively scanned them for the tell-tale signs that betray such people long before one sees the literature they are distributing.

The first thing I noticed was that the leafleter closest to me; a male, was sporting a rather incongruous combination of a hat and shades, wholly inappropriate for the prevailing weather conditions (it was gloomy and raining). I took this attire to be an attempt at a partial disguise, which I have found that reds are often fond of when in public.

There was nothing obviously freakish about him or his colleague (a female), though their demeanour was the second factor which betrayed their identity. They were simply too interested in getting a look at us and working out who we were. Reds often look sheepish and out-of-place when they are out leafleting in areas with a good patriotic voter base, and these two were no exception.

People out delivering pizza menus or even leaflets for other parties (leafleters for other parties will be very used to seeing me out leafleting too) will not usually give other leafleters a second glance.

I found myself waiting at the end of one garden for the 'disguised' chap to exit the garden so that I could go and post my leaflet through, and the following exchange followed:

Me: "Morning." (Good old English civility beats Marxist brutishness everytime.)

'Disguised' Chap: "Are those Labour leaflets you are delivering?" ( I was trying to keep my leaflets dry by holding them under the bottom of my jacket. A small part of the mainly red leaflet must have been protruding.)

Me: "Not quite!"

'Disguised' Chap: "Hmm."
I have no idea if the 'hmm' signified reconition of who I was and the consequent silliness of his question or something else altogether.

We had a good chuckle about this afterwards and it reminded me of being in my first year of Leeds University and attending a meeting in the Student Union at which the extreme-left (they called themselves ANaL in those days; goodness that makes me sound old) were trying to get me expelled from the union and agitating for my fellow students to refuse to be taught alongside me.

I went along to the meeting and voted (I'm not telling you how I voted - that's secret) on the motion in question and the reds did not give me a second glance. They did not give me a second glance because they knew nothing at all about me, including what I looked like, though this did not stop them from trying to make my university life hell*.

They failed miserable, I hasten to add, and their motion failed on the day, but I was reminded of this episode today by the red who came to Morley to spread his hate about me despite clearly not knowing anything about me or even being able to recognise me in the street.

A good section of the ward was leafleted today so many thanks to those who turned up to help, including the reds, whose pathetic attempt at a smear leaflet will simply remind the people of Morley South that I am still very much about and standing in this election and that I am regarded as a threat by the extreme-left.

*At that meeting I was 'defended' by the Free Speech Society and a certain Mark Collett, with whom I would go on to be good friends, but the story of our campus-based red-bothering antics is one for another day.


daithikent said...

Excellent, you rebel! How cool is that! Ask those of the left, esp those who speak up for the English working class, what is negative about a 'rebel'. What happened to challenging ideas etc through debate? It can sadden me that the people of England hold s 'sense' (?) that they cant advocate for her nation

Anonymous said...

excellent work chris.
people here in morley dont forget what an excellent cllr you were.
we dont like lefty students coming from headingley etc.
telling us who to vote for.

Jay Lee said...

Ha Ha, I had a similar persecution campaign against me from the left when I was at Greenwich University in 92. I even had the lecturers signing my "Get Rid Of Him" hate campaign (this was back in the days before the Human Rights Act etc), so my hate campaign was bigger than your hate campaign, rasp! lol
In fact, the further you go back in time, the more grizzly the hate campaigns were. I remember there being a particularly vicious one against some poor soul called Andrew Lightfoot at RHBNC. It seemed like Beatlemania (in reverse).

For anyone looking for tips at Uni today, I used to get long oblong stickers made up (black letters on a white background) with the words "Cancelled Due To Lack Of Support" printed on them. You put them over red posters, and across the date and time, so if they try and rip it off they take the time and date with it. It drives them crazy. Another one is to turn up at a meeting if its crowded, drop one of those small joke shop stink bombs on the floor through a trouser pocket, then quietly tread on it, then leave. It always worked for me, the stench of rotting eggs always reminds me of marxism. lol

Kevin Scott said...

Good report and good luck with your campaign, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the council election chris,you were the morley souths best ever councillor.

John from York said...

I used to come to help Chris leaflet a few years back, one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

He was the hardest working Councillor in Leeds by far.

Its Morley's loss if he does not get in!
....good luck Chris

David H said...

Best of luck in your Election Chris!

Great to see James back in action, is he coming to the only true English Nationalist party?

Anonymous said...

One of the things I like most about being a despised person is the opportunities and fun it gives me when meeting reds on the street. I frequently approach socialist worker party stalls and leafleters, uaf, liblabcon etc and quietly engage with them in friendly chit chat leading to debate before finally revealing my nationalist beliefs. The most important point is to remain calm and polite (I use budhist meditation and breathing techniques), in order to highlight their own hatred and immaturity. Lure them into a false sense of security and help them to relax.

Often, attacking these people from a class perspective is a very fruitful approach to take. Let's face it. Despite professing to be champions of the poor oppressed proletariat, the vast majority of the 'liberal' left are self hating guilt ridden middle class student types rebelling against mummy and daddy. Point this out to them if they have not already walked away from you.

Try to make friends with them even if they are walking away fast and swearing at you. Invite them for a pint of bitter and a chat about politics. Always ask them who they vote for. Reds love to condemn nationalists and claim moral superiority, but most of them vote liblabcon and are therefore complicit in the murder of millions of brown people in the middle east and hundreds of our working class lads. They serve globalisation and big business. Always ask them who they vote for and then attack their beliefs which they don't even fully understand themselves.

Belittle them, humour them, ridicule them , feel sorry for them and rise above them. You are right and they are wrong. You know it and deep down, every hypocritical middle class leftie knows it too and they are deeply ashamed and embarassed by it. Have fun and good luck English Democrats.


Chris Beverley said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Jay I wasn't aware that you also had the privilege of experiencing such a pantomine at uni. These things sure are character-building experiences and set one up well for dealing with the criminal left in later life.