Sunday, 22 April 2012

Good luck Marine!

See also: France votes in first round of presidential poll


Anonymous said...

lets hope she gets a really good vote.

Anonymous said...

She got just short of the 20% threshold but is now in a position to screw Sarkozy down to where she wants him before telling her supporters to switch to him. If they abstain then Hollande wins. She is the kingmaker. I wonder what she will ask him for? By the way I read recently that it was the last socialist president, Francois Mitterand, who let in all the Arabs as voting fodder. Does that sound familiar? Why are my taxes still going to pay for the Blairs to be protected. I think they should just release him unprotected in Hyde Park and let the mob have a go.

Adrian said...

Sounds as if Marine has done very well indeed, which is welcome news, but also serves to cast the failure of British nationalists to make progress into even starker relief.

Jay Lee said...

But if we assume that France is about 15% non-White (although it may be higher), and if we also assume that only Whites vote for her (although a few non-Whites do), then her vote is more like 24%or so of the available White electorate. About one in four of all White people in France voted Le Pen.


Steve in Suffolk said...

Great result for MLP/FN.
Also it sadly contrasts the situation here in England where the foremost nationalist party receives just a fraction of that of the FN.

Good wishes for all ED candidates in the forthcoming elections. The BNP needs to be quickly "put down" to make space for a genuine nationalist movement without the millstones of Griffin and his vile crew.

Anonymous said...

5 Muslims arrested in Luton on terrorism charges. But don't worry? A spokesman for Bedfordshire police assures us,
“In the planning of these search warrants, full consideration has been given to treating those arrested, and especially their families, with appropriate respect for cultural and religious identity as far as is possible.”


Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused now as they are saying that stock markets all over Europe have reacted to the possibility of a socialist president but nobody knows how the voters who voted for Marine Le Pen will vote in the next round. Surely they will not vote for Hollande? If Sarkozy is begging for his political life then Le Pen could make him do all sorts of things, take France out of the EU, stop all immigration and institue and orderly and humane programme of repatriation of muslim immigrants to stop France's drift to an islamic future as predicted by Sarkozy. We will just have to wait and see.