Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Big increase in Leeds English Democrats candidates

Nominations closed today for the local elections so I can announce that Leeds English Democrats will be fielding the following eleven candidates:

Ardsley & Robin Hood - Joanna Beverley
Beeston & Holbeck - Ian Gibson
Bramley & Stanningley - Dean Locke
Crossgates & Whinmoor - John Ashton
Garforth & Swillington - Steve Elliott
Killingbeck & Seacroft - Sam Kelly
Morley North - Tom Redmond
Morley South - Chris Beverley
Rothwell - Bernie Allen
Temple Newsam - Jordan Fawcett
Weetwood - Alan Proctor

This is up from just three City Council candidates last May.

My appeals for candidates will now cease, but what we do urgently need is money!

If you can make a donation your support would be very much appreciated and needed.

You can donate to us by Paypal by clicking on the 'donate' button on the right hand side of this page.

If sending a cheque, please make it payable to "English Democrats" and send to:

English Democrats
PO Box 116
LS27 9WW.

Every penny counts!

And well done to all the above-named patriots for coming forward and standing as English Democrats candidates.

The English Democrats continue to make progress across the board. Join us here!.


Anonymous said...

Well done English Dems for offering the people of leeds a patriotic choice. Donation (small thou sorry) to follow

Anonymous said...

One would hope that the result of the Bradford West by-election will have sent shock waves east and that the people of Leeds will realise that they may one day have a predominantly muslim enclave to the west of them, from Bradford to Preston and southwards. Eventually, indigenous Yorkshire and Lancashire folk will begin fleeing. Time is running out and as I have posted on the ED website, Dutch professionals are now fleeing Holland as the word on the street is that Holland will be muslim within decades. The three main parties here will not save the English. Clegg complains about MI5 monitoring our phone calls, texts and e-mails but it is the three main parties who have led to us having a police state by allowing muslims to colonise here too since the War. Stand our brave soldiers alongside Clegg and it is like standing Hercules next to Julian Clary.

Anonymous said...

Spot the Difference - (and theres probably many more)

Ed Miliband - Doncaster North
David Miliband - South Shields
Tony Blair - was Sedgefield
Peter Mandelson - Hartlepool
Jack Straw - Blackburn

They all represent constituencies which they have no connection to apart from stepping stones to further their own career of the back of working class voters. They can be destroyed off if the English Democrats stand candidates who are locals and highlight to the voters what the Labour party are all about, ie stepping stones.

Also, get Benjamin Disraeli face on your leaflets, can be used in both Con and Lab consituencies. Con consituencies, with the heading "Even the die hard patriot Benjamin Disraeli would of defected by now, vote English Democrats." Lab consituencies, "The rich should work with the not so rich, just like the patriot Benjamin Disraeli suggested, vote English Democrats."

North East Nationalist

Anonymous said...

why dont you get more comments? BNP BOARDS OVERFLOW not a dig at you, but you must still be a small group?