Friday, 27 April 2012

Morley Freecycle

I was contacted by one of the administrators of the Morley Freecycle network recently to ask if the English Democrats would be supporting them, and I am very happy to give a plug to this group here.

As he put it;

(Morley Freecycle) is a Morley-centric group affiliated to the worldwide Freecycle network with over 1180 members run at no cost, whatsoever to MTC (Morley Town Council) or members. It is green, reduces landfill, gives access to goods to those on low income and strengthens ties through mutual help.
Martin Lewis has published a good article about Freecycle (and the similar Freegle network) on the excellent website.

There really is no down-side to initiatives like this, and I would highly recommend that people sign up and get into the habit of using Freecycle.