Friday, 2 March 2012

Urgent Appeal for Funds!

This year in the local elections in Leeds we will be fielding more English Democrats candidates than ever before.

Our party is making progress on all levels, but one thing that we lack is money. We are not bankrolled by big business or the trade unions, we rely on our supporters for all our funding.

Here in Morley we want to ensure that we can fund a professional campaign to build on the support that we have in the town. In addition to this, we want to move into other areas of Leeds and distribute as many professionally produced leaflets as possible.

This is in addition to the work we are doing in support of a yes vote in the Mayoral referendum which will be held on May 3rd.

This all costs money and if we are to realise our aims with regard to the pending campaign we need to raise the funds to do so now.

Glossy leaflets for a whole Leeds ward (containing around 10,000 houses) will cost us around £250. This may appear to be a relatively modest sum for such a large quantity of leaflets, but when it is multiplied over a number of wards across Leeds the figure starts to mount.

I am proud to represent the English Democrats and I will be proud to stand as a candidate again in May. I do not want lack of money to be the reason why we do not perform as well as we would like.

If you can make a donation, whether it is £250 to pay for leaflets for a whole ward*, or £5 towards such leaflets, your support would be very much appreciated and needed.

You can donate to us by Paypal by clicking on the 'donate' button on the right hand side of this page.

If sending a cheque, please make it payable to "English Democrats" and send to:

English Democrats
PO Box 116
LS27 9WW.

Every penny counts. Thank you all for your support!

*Should you wish to sponsor the leaflets for a particular ward then this can be arranged and would be most welcome.

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