Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Update on Campaign Against Murder of South African Farmers

Press Release,
6 March 2012:

48 European Members of Parliament from 19 different member states and 7 political groups condemn ‘farm attacks’ against white South Africans

Philip Claeys (VB) thanks Louis Michel (MR) for his support

Only the Greens – the group the N-VA is part of – refuses to take action and protect the South African Boers.

Philip Claeys (Vlaams Belang), Andreas Mölzer (FPÖ) and Fiorello Provera (Lega Nord) submitted a written declaration to the European Parliament to protest against the ongoing ‘farm attacks’ in South Africa, which have already led to the death of thousands of Boers – white South Africans.

This declaration emphasizes the concern of the European Parliament and the systematic character of the attacks against white South Africans, and asks the South African government to urgently take measures to protect the Boers.

The declaration has been signed by 48 European Members of Parliament from 19 different member states and 7 political groups: Socialists, Liberals, Christian Democrats, Independents, the Eurosceptics of the EFD and the ECR, and even a member of the Communist group. “This shows that the horrendous ‘farm attacks’ are of great concern to several political groups across Europe”, Philip Claeys MEP concluded.

Vlaams Belang would like to thank in particular Louis Michel (MR) for his remarkable support for this initiative.

Another remarkable fact is that only one group did not support this declaration: the Greens - of which Frieda Brepoels (N-VA) is a member. Vlaams Belang regrets the fact that the Greens and the N-VA apparently are not concerned by the massive killing of white South African Boers…

Rob Verreycken
Secretary-general of Vlaams Belang in the European Parliament


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daithikent said...

thats a good cross section of opinion in support of the declaration. And I never knew there was a 'communist' group! The Greens are curious, i'm often surprised at there position. I would have ordinarily felt that they would support & advocate for minority cultures against oppressive tyranny. I wonder how they feel about the destruction of other Christians in their ancient lands

Anonymous said...

Very strange that the Socialists and Communists should lend their support as I thought that they hated the Boers and would wish them everything they get.
This is probably the thinking of the Greens. After all it was the communists in South Africa who brought down the Boers' apartheid system, including Natasha Kaplinsky the newsreader's daddy of whom she is so proud. Does this mean that in time the fertile lands of the Transvaal will go the same way as the breadbasket of Africa that was Rhodesia? This will only hasten white flight from South Africa. And is it not they who keep the whole place going, or am I wrong? What confuses me about South Africa is that the blacks are still living in their townships with no electricity. How come since they have had their own people in charge for so long? And the big question, what will happen when Nelson Mandela dies?