Friday, 9 March 2012

A good few days

There have been a few good bits of good news and publicity for us this week.

First we had the news that English nationalist nurse Edward Bone won his employment tribunal and exposed the vile trade union Unison for the anti-English bullies that they are. The story featured on the Daily Gazette website as well as on the English Democrats homepage.

Congratulations to Mr Bone and the Workers of England Union.

Yesterday's town council result down in Southend was also a good one:

The count was held last night for the Bonchurch ward by-election for Leigh-on-Sea Town Council which come under Southend-on-Sea - in the Only county of Essex.

The full result was:

Independent – 139 votes - 51.7%Labour – 67 votes – 24.9%
English Democrats (Lisa Simmonds) – 60 votes – 22.3%
National Front – 3 votes – 1.1%
Turn out 24.2%
Finally there was an excellent appearance by our chairman Robin Tilbrook on Radio 5 Live this morning on the subject of elected mayors.

His interview can be listened to via the following link. Robin's appearance commences at 45.15 minutes.

BBC iPlayer - 5 live Breakfast: 09/03/2012

The English Democrats continue to make progress on all fronts.


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