Saturday, 24 March 2012

Election time is here

Here is my latest article from the English Democrats website...

The local elections of May 3rd are fast approaching. These elections are an excellent opportunity for our party to demonstrate the progress we are making and the increasing support which we enjoy.

Last May we won our first seats at this level, in Boston, Lincolnshire. Our excellent councillors there have done some great work in their communities and done our party proud. We need more elected representatives like them!

This May we want to field more candidates than ever before. As a political party, standing candidates in elections must be our main focus, and this is why we need more people to come forward now and volunteer to stand as local election candidates on May 3rd.

We have better publicity material than ever before and our party enjoys a higher media profile and level of public recognition than has ever been the case.

We need to stand the maximum number of seats in order to capitalise on these advances and further our party's development. Nomination papers can start to be handed in next week and the deadline for nominations is 12 noon on the 4th of April.

Further guidance can be found on the Electoral Commission website here.

If you would like to find out more about standing as a candidate please get in touch with us today on 0207 242 1066.


To the above I would add the following advice for members and supporters as well as organisers:

Members and supporters and occasional activists: Election time is no time to play hide and seek with your local organiser. If your local organiser contacts you then help however you can. Do not say you will help and then let him or her down as this the very worse thing that you can do.

Be proactive and actually contact your organiser and offer to help - don't wait for him or her to contact you. They will really appreciate you doing this, I assure you. The elections will be over in less than 6 weeks. Just do your best to help between now and then and you can have the rest of the year off if you feel you need to. Now is the time you can really make a difference.

Organisers/local party chairmen: Do not expect anyone to be proactive and come forward to offer their help in this election. If they do it is a bonus and the person who does this is very special indeed. You should expect to have to do alot yourself. Do not expect others to care as much as you or want to put in the same amount of effort. There is, after all, a reason why you are the organiser and they are not, and it is usually because when there was nobody else willing to do the job then you were the person who cared enough to take it on. This does not apply to you if you are one of those strange people who joins a party and immediately seeks a position of authority for the sake of having a position of authority but in my experience such low-calibre people do not last long in their roles and soon disappear are are forgotten.

History is forged by determined individuals. You may sometimes think that your love for the Cause is more of a curse than a blessing but one cannot elect to dismiss such feelings. The elections will be over in less than 6 weeks. Just do your best between now and then and although you probably won't feel the need to have the rest of the year off, you can certainly have a well-earned post-election break.

To everyone: election time is a stressful time for branches that do things properly and stand lots of candidates. The high turnover of people within the nationalist movement means that there are always a significant number of people doing it for the first time, who will not know what to expect and will completely underestimate what is involved.

Whatever happens and however stressful it may get, election time is a time for all our people to pull together and work hard to achieve the best results possible. Please all do everything you can to ensure that these local elections are the best ones yet for the English Democrats.

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