Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking forward to 2012

The following article of mine appeared on the English Democrats website today...

As the New Year approaches it is worth looking back on what we managed to achieve during the past twelve months as well as looking forward to the many exciting opportunities which the coming year will present.

The most important milestone that was reached in 2011 was our council election victories in Boston, Lincolnshire, where our excellent candidates Elliott Fountain and Dave Owens were elected as English Democrats councillors for the town. These were not the first English Democrats councillors, but their victories were our first ever election wins at this level, and I am sure there will be many more such results in the coming years for our party.

We fielded a very respectable number of candidates across the country in the May elections, and some excellent results were obtained. 2011 was also the year in which our party's fantastic new website was launched (read the first article here) and an excellent party conference was held in Leicester. I was very proud to have been given the opportunity to speak at this fine gathering of patriots. A number of organisational and administrational improvements were also set in motion in 2011, and I am sure we will all benefit from those as we move into 2012.

The coming year is undoubtedly an exciting one for our party. 2012 will see mayoral referendums in several English cities, with some coming as a result of government legislation (e.g. Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Wakefield, to name just the Yorkshire ones), and others having been triggered due to the hard work of our activists, as is the case, for example, in Salford, where our North West dynamo Stephen Morris has ensured the success of the hugely popular campaign there.

In addition to this, there will be vitally important local elections in May, at which our party will strive to stand more candidates than ever before and ensure that some of those candidates emerge as victorious English Democrats councillors.

On the same day there will be elections in London to the Greater London Assembly and also for the position of Mayor of London. Our capital desperately needs a patriotic voice and it is important that we give our London campaign the very best shot possible.

In November the public will also elect Police and Crime Commissioners in every English police force area outside London. The English Democrats will field as many suitable candidates as possible in these elections, as some good old fashioned common sense is badly needed in our police forces, in which our police are weakened and undermined constantly by red tape and politically correctness. Elected English Democrats Police and Crime Commissioners will oppose the politicisation of our police forces and let our bobbies get on with doing what they do best - fighting crime!

So far I have only mentioned some of the main elections which are to be held in 2012. There will also be many other exciting projects and developments that our party will be busy with, which will be examined in future articles.

For now let me wish all our members and supports a very Happy New Year. I look forward to working with you all to make 2012 a great year for our party.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the readers of this blog.

Thank you for your continued support.


Friday, 23 December 2011

English Democrats beat UKIP and the Greens in Walsall

This was a very respectable vote I thought. We should always be aiming to beat UKIP and the Greens wherever we stand as a bare minimum. Well done to our candidate Chris Newey.

Birchills Leamore by-election, Walsall Council, 22nd December 2011

Tina Jukes (Labour) 835

Kamran Afrab (Conservative) 512

Chris Newey (English Democrats) 130 8.2%

Liz Hazell (UKIP) 59

Leandra Gebrakedan (Green Party) 46

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Human Rights Gone Wrong Again

Here is my latest article from the English Democrats website.

Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights quashed the convictions of two men, Ilyas Hanif and Bakish Allah Khan, who had been jailed for dealing drugs. It was claimed that the mens' human rights had not been respected during the trial due to the presence of a police officer on the jury.

The Strasbourg Court, the guardian of the European Convention on Human Rights to which our country is a signatory, also handed the pair almost £5500.00 of taxpayers' cash in compensation following in case which threatens to open the floodgates to criminals seeking to appeal their convictions on the basis that police officers served on the juries which convicted them.

This ruling has been met with dismal across the political spectrum.

Priti Patel, for example, Tory MP for Witham, said; "This is another appalling example of European judges meddling in laws made in this country. These individuals were convicted of a very serious crime. Involvement in drug dealing leads to lives being ruined.

"The public will be angered by Europe forcing taxpayers to hand over money to these men, and the Government must now reform human rights laws to stop this from happening again."

Her party colleague David Davis opined; "I thought it was only in America that convictions were overruled on ridiculous technicalities, but thanks to Europe we are now seeing this happen in the UK too. I would think that no policeman or woman could ever again sit on a UK jury again following this decision – the risks are simply too great. You also have to wonder where this will ever stop. This is not some minor decision that has been made, it is very important and greatly affects how we run our justice system."

(See here for an article on the Tories' mock indignation on the subject of European human rights laws.)

This ruling appears to be another case of human rights laws being used to disproportionately benefit criminals in a way which is likely to increase public anger towards the European Court and increase calls for the repeal of the Human Rights Act and the withdrawal of the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights.

Section of the English Democrats' manifesto pledges to do just that.

See also: The Perversion of Human Rights Laws and for more articles by Chris see

Friday, 2 December 2011

Fantastic English Democrats result in Essex

ROCHFORD DISTRCT COUNCIL - Rayleigh Central Ward By-Election
Thursday 1st December 2011

Cheryl Roe (Con) - 406 (54.8%)
John Hayter (English Democrats) - 218 (29.4%)
Elena Black (Liberal Democrat) - 117 (15.8%)

The English Democrats contested the ward for the first time in 2010 local elections that coincided with the General Election. Accordingly the turn out in 2010 was much higher. Here is the result from that contest

Conservative - 1242 (54.7%)Liberal Democrat - 702 (30.9%)
English Democrats - 328 (14.4%)

The English Democrats more than doubled its share of the vote. This is a remarkable achievement in a year and a half. The Lib Dems were also trounced.

Acknowledgements to Eddy Butler's blog for the above details.