Tuesday, 29 November 2011

English Democrats National Council approves Eddy Butler membership

Robin Tilbrook has just posted a short report about Saturday's National Council meeting on his blog which can be viewed here.

Point 7 states: The membership application from Eddie Butler to join the English Democrats was accepted.

I blogged back in August about Eddy's decision to join the English Democrats and I am delighted that the National Council, after interviewed him at Saturday's meeting, have accepted his membership.

Over the past few months there have been frantic attempts by the enemies of nationalism (both in the guise of the extreme left and also in the equally loathsome form of Nick Griffin's BNP attack dogs) to undermine the internal mechanisms of our party and frustrate this process.

I believe the reason for their desperation in this matter was their very accurate realisation that the English Democrats have huge potential and in the course of the next few years could become the strongest patriotic political party in England with a support base comparable to patriotic parties on the continent in countries such as Austria and France.

In order for this potential to be realised, however, it is vital that we expand our organisation and achieve a critical mass that will allow us to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to us.

The only way that we can hope to do this is if, as well as recruiting from the general public, we gain good quality recruits from other parties, who come with priceless political experience which is instantly at the disposal of our organisation. The loss of such people to the party they have left becomes our gain.

This is certainly the case with Eddy.

Happily common sense and democracy have prevailed within the English Democrats.

I never doubted that they would.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My article on state funding for political parties

Pictured: Vlaams Belang poster. This party knows a thing of two about the consequences of having a system of state funding for political parties.

The following article appeared on the English Democrat's website today.

Leeds English Democrats Chairman Chris Beverley explains how the proposed radical reforms to the funding of political reforms which have made the headlines could have significant implications for our party.

In such tough economic times it is hard to imagine a proposal more likely to enflame public opinion that the suggestion that more taxpayer funding should be provided to political parties. Yet this is exactly what the Kelly Commission committee on standards in public life, chaired by Sir Christopher Kelly, has suggested, albeit with a proposed start date of 2015.

A cap of £10,000 on individual donations was also proposed, along with a call for members of trade unions to have to opt in to paying the political levy, which currently operates as a kind of stealth tax on union members who have not actively decided to support the Labour Party but have simply never bothered to opt out of the political levy, often because they have never even become aware of it or given the matter any thought.

Clearly these proposals would have a significant impact upon the Labour Party, which relies on this abhorrent exploitation of trade union members for the vast majority of its funding.

The Lib-Lab-Con cartel parties have rejected these proposals, focusing on their narrow party interests whilst trying to claim that their opposition is based on a moral objection to more taxpayers' money being used to bankroll political parties.

English Democrats Chairman Robin Tilbrook was invited by the Kelly Commission to give oral evidence on this subject as part of its inquiries.

In his evidence, Robin explained how the membership of the main political parties has plummeted during the past few decades and that this; "is partly a product of the fact that the main political parties have moved away from engagement with what the public actually wants."

Robin argued that the British political system actually encourages this remoteness, and that; "there is not much of a link between public support and financial health of the political party and obviously the more money the party receives from the state the worse that is going to be."

He declared that "I do not want to see a situation like we have in Belgium where the establishment parties use the funding system to make life as difficult as possible for the Flemish Nationalists."

Robin advanced on the example offered to us of what has happened in Flanders in his follow up submission, which can be viewed in full here.

This contains information provided by the Vlaams Belang, Flanders' patriotic secessionist party, and offers a cautionary tale of the way in which a politically correct establishment might choose to use its system of public funding of political parties as a tool with which to effectively outlaw an opposition party.

The full transcript of Robin's oral submission to the Kelly Commission can be read on Robin's blog here.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Inside the tiny mind of a BNP attack dog

I wrote an article on this blog recently drawing attention to a comment left of Facebook by the girlfriend of the BNP's Steve Mendoza (aka Steve Squire/Squires).

Nick Griffin's internet attack dogs are notoriously indiscreet with regard to their online postings; postings which betray for all to see the mentality of these wretched individuals.

If only all the other enemies of nationalism were as mentally challenged as Nick Griffin's current crop of misfits and degenerates then this struggle of ours would be a veritable breeze.

Above is a screenshot from Facebook showing comments from Griffinite attack dog Darren Lumb.

In this rather shocking outburst he states:

“Oh c##t Im going to rip your f#####g head off when I see you.. The one thing I don't like is traitors and Jews. Get ready w####r Im going to rip your arms and legs off..”

(I have censored out the expletives in the above text. The uncensored version can be viewed above - click on the image for a larger picture.)

Will the police be interested in this I wonder?

Considering the BNP has become little more than a state-tolerated safety valve, whose continued existence benefits the Lib-Lab-Con cartel parties, I would not bank on it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Home from Strasbourg

I have just returned from Strasbourg, where I spent the week working in the European Parliament.

It is with good reason that some of my fellow parliamentary assistants call this place 'Stress-bourg', though I would not say that this last session was particularly stressful.

That's not to suggest that my trip equated to a holiday, however. Working 12 hours a day or more over there is still very much the norm.

As usual I took the opportunity to meet up with some of the other assistants from other parties with whom I have contact. I updated them on the political situation back home and on my own views regarding the way forward.

It was also good to catch up with news as to the goings on within the other parties whose representatives I met. I generally try and keep up to speed with what is going on across Europe when I am at home but there is nothing like meeting up with my equivalents from other countries to find out the news behind the news.

A few things of interest:

Former Vlaams Belang MEP Frank Vanhecke has now joined the EFD Group in the European Parliament, which is the group that UKIP are in. UKIP are coming under increased pressure due to their associations with nationalist parties, and it will be interesting to see how they deal with this.

The Front National have revamped their website which can be viewed here and our French friends are looking forward with optimism to the presidential elections in 2012.

I also got hold of a copy of Zur Zeit, which was the weekly newspaper of FPÖ MEP Andreas Mölzer and is now a very professional-looking magazine. The publication has its own dedicated website for those who might want to subscribe.

I mentioned the above two little pieces of news as the Front National and the Austrian Freedom Party are two of the most successful patriotic parties in Europe at the moment.

Nationalists in this country who want to see a patriotic party winning seats and sending shockwaves through the rotten politically correct establishment could do alot worse that look at the examples set by the hugely popular leaders of these two parties and learn the necessary lessons as to the approach that is required for a patriotic party to really take off.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Immigration Article

Here is my latest article to be published on the English Democrats website:

Voters Make a Stand on Immigration

As it is revealed that the Border Agency has managed to 'lose' over 124,000 illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, the Migration Watch petition reaches 100,000 signatures in less than a week.

As we know all too well, the Tories are quite prepared to play the 'immigration card' when they are feeling vulnerable. This has been true of Tory leaders going back decades.

It is even true of David Cameron, that most politically correct of Tory Prime Ministers, who is on record as pledging to reduce net immigration into Britain to the 'tens of thousands' per year. He also felt obliged to make all manner of claims regarding this subject at his recent party conference.

Listening to the rhetoric, an uniformed observer could be forgiven for thinking that Britain has a government that is interested in keeping control of immigration.

Two scandals uncovered during the last week belie that somewhat.

First we learnt that the Border Agency had managed to 'lose' over 124,000 immigrants and asylum seekers. A report published on Friday by the Commons home affairs committee revealed a sevenfold increase of 'lost' immigrants, from 18,000 in November 2010 to 124,000 in September of this year.

It was also revealed that the rather Orwellian title of 'controlled archive' was given to the collection of data regarding these 'lost' immigrants. Perhaps it was hoped that by giving it such an innocuous sounding title, the contents of this 'archive' would never be scrutinised.

To add insult to injury, MPs also learned that six senior Border Agency officials received bonuses of £5000 to £10,000 during the period in which a number of immigrants equating to the population of Cambridge were 'lost'. In addition to this, the agency spent £7m writing off bad debt and spent £4m on overpayments to staff and asylum claimants during the last year.

Hot on the heels of these shocking revelations, we have learned from a leaked government document that Tory Home Secretary Theresa May extended a secret relaxation of the country's border controls recently.

Border Agency staff had been instructed not to carry out full checks on hundreds of thousands of people entering the UK for a six week period. Despite not having the necessary information to make an informed assessment of the consequences of this policy, Mrs May extended the scheme for another six weeks.

With such scandals being uncovered on a regular basis, there is little wonder that many of our people are increasingly saying 'enough is enough' and have signed the petition launched by Migration Watch that we featured here.

Migration Watch have announced that the petition has received 100,000 signatures in a single week, making it one of the most popular e-petitions since the initiative was launched. We in the English Democrats congratulate Migration Watch on the excellent work that they continue to do to highlight this important issue and we would like to thank everyone who signed this petition as a result of reading our article on this subject.

Read more here:

Migration Watch UK: Immigration Petition Reaches 100,000 Signatures in Just One Week

Robin Tilbrook's Blog: Foreign criminals let in by Tory cuts?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Nationalist Victory in the Court of Appeal

My week got off to a great start yesterday when I received news of the outcome of a very important case that was heard in the Court of Appeal.

I will not go into the full details of this case here, but I can summarise its background as follows:

Back in late 2007 Nick Griffin declared war on a sizeable section of his party staff and activist base in a factional campaign that saw his thugs raiding (and attempting to raid) a number of family homes.

In addition to this, the internet was used to spread poison in an attempt to denigrate the character of his targets (some of this may sound familiar to those who have since found themselves on the receiving end of Nick Griffin's vindictiveness).

In the case of the attempted raid on the home of Kenny and Nicholla Smith (who was pregnant with the couple's first child at the time) in Scotland, not a single person could be found north of the border who was reprehensible and immoral enough to do Nick Griffin's bidding, and the odious Clive Jefferson had to be sent up with a gang from England to attempt to force their way into the Smiths' family home.

It is much to the credit of our Scottish comrades that not a single Scot could be found to carry out this treacherous act, as is the fact that that the Griffinite henchmen in question were forced to return home without having achieved their objectives.

In addition to the above, a vexatious legal action was launched against a number of then BNP employees and members, with the intention of delivering financial ruin to its victims.

Nick Griffin realised, of course, that quite irrespective of the chances of his court action being successful, as long as he was able to use BNP funds with impunity in the pursuit of his vexatious action whilst his victims were left in the unenviable position of having to find the money themselves to defend this action in court, he had a significant advantage.

Only someone of such low morals would exploit this unbridled access to BNP party funds in such a way, of course, which he duly did, dragging the case on for as long as possible with the intention of driving up costs on all sides in the vain hope that his victims would capitulate.

It is to the credit of Ian Dawson (pictured above with me in the European Parliament recently), Steve Blake, and Kenny and Nicholla Smith, that they did not back down to the bully-boy tactics employed by the BNP and persevered with their defence for what is now approaching a period of four years. I find it mind-boggling that such legal cases can drag on for so long.

It should be remembered that the costs that are yet to be awarded to the above patriots will only be to compensate them for the money they have been forced to pay to their legal team in order to defend themselves and their families in this vexatious case.

Ian, Steve, Kenny and Nicholla are true patriots who I am proud to also call friends, and I congratulate them on yesterday's important ruling.

Read more:

Eddy Butler's take on yesterday's decision, which contains some more details regarding costs and the judge's comments regarding this case, can be found here.