Monday, 27 June 2011

Please Support the Steadfast Trust

I have posted before in support of the Steadfast Trust and I have reproduced below their latest bulletin that has just arrived in my inbox.

Please take the time to read this bulletin and you will see just what good work this charity is engaged in.

When you have finished reading just consider how much better things would be for our people if we had active Steadfast groups in every major population centre in England.

Please all give the Steadfast Trust whatever support you can.

Please help 'your' charity

In the last two to three years the Steadfast Trust has made real progress in the achievements of its charitable objectives. As a result of this, grant requests have increased year on year.

A particular strength has been in the funding of cultural events which celebrate the heritage of the English people and bring the community together. Without the Steadfast Trust's support such events would simply not be able to take place.

The Trustees, while continuing to support cultural events also feel there is a need to increase the work we do in ensuring that our children are taught about their history. To this end the Trust has three storytellers who will be visiting schools in the coming weeks / months.

Also book grants are to be increased so that our children have the necessary resources to be able to learn about their past. On top of this we receive many other requests and would like to start a number of other projects that would make a real difference 'for urum peode'.

But to do all this we need your support. This charity for our community relies on the generosity of the public, we get no state funding and are unlikely to receive any, although attempts have been made. What we need is regular 2 pound per month donations, setup via direct debits.
It's easy to do and you then become a Friend of the Steadfast Trust, proudly helping your community.

While we have the finances to continue to help the causes we do, the charity would be unable to expand without additional support so please do something to help your community today, become a Friend of the Steadfast Trust.

The Great Englisc Folcmoot, additional grant awarded.

Back in February the Steadfast Trust reported how the charity had provided its largest grant to date, 3200 pound for the Great Englisc Folcmoot 2011 festival weekend, and was the prime financier of the event.

Since then preparations have been underway to make sure that this becomes an enjoyable weekend positively promoting the heritage and culture of the English people with traditional events in a family friendly atmosphere.

This money has been put to excellent use with equipment provided for activities such as Football, Tug O War, Archery, Shire Horse as well as the more costly requirements of Gazebos, Marquees and Trestle Tables.

In addition entertainment has been hired with a P.A and Disco, Comedy Duo, Falconry and an Anglo-Saxon Storyteller alongside Face-Painting and Field Activities.

However, such a public event has additional costs, for example hiring Porta-loos, Fire Extinguishers, Public Liability Insurance, Electric Generator, Temporary Events Notice and numerous administration costs.

As a result of this the events organisers have requested an additional grant of 800 pound to cover these unforeseen expenses and this has been approved by the Trustees.

This should be a wonderful trip out for all the family and to get more information on where and when the weekend takes place see the following web address:

Increase in support.

Since May 2011 the charity has received 12 new Friends of the Steadfast Trust, donating a minimum of 2 pound per month, or 24 pound per year. This is great news and we need to increase this further.

While times are difficult, remember that this charity, the only charity for the ethnic English, only asks for 50 pence per week, and regardless of personal circumstances this is a very small sum that anyone is this nation can afford. Thankfully a number of Friends donate more than this so that we can do more.

But the ethnic English are not just located in England itself. As a people we have settled across the world, while keeping hold of our cultural heritage and links to the motherland. To this end we get a few donations from countries abroad.

- For some time the charity has received a regular donation from Australia
- Recent Friend of the Steadfast Trust from Kentucky, USA
- Receives regular 5 euros every month from a supporter in Italy.

Of course, all these people know that our charity operates solely in the nation of England but are still prepared to support us in our work.

It is also heart-warming to note that one of our existing annual members renewed three months early and doubled their payment despite being unemployed. If enough people donate small sums of money, then this can add up to a big change in being able to improve the self-esteem and respect of our people.

As you can see from this link the charity has grown well year on year, but we will need your help to breach the 10,000 pound barrier...

It is important to note that none of the Trustees and volunteers receive any payment or have their expenses covered. Your donations would be purely spent on the charitable objectives of the charity. To help us, become a Friend.

Charity Commission Investigation.

On the 15th September 2009 the Charity Commission stated that it was investigating the charitable status of the Steadfast Trust. After providing the Commission with all relevant material, we received an emailed response from the commission on the 17th May 2011, 17 months later. They have queried the validity of our 'Beneficial Class' and there have also been suggestions that the Trust is promoting a propagandist or particular point of view and was therefore not established for exclusively charitable purposes.

We shall be working closely with the Commission providing necessary evidence and clarification so that we can remain registered. Please note that such communications can take (in some cases) years to resolve, but the Trustees are dealing with this in a positive and open-minded way and are sure that the Commission will also.

We will keep our supporters aware of the on-going progress of this event and hope that you will continue to support the charity's ongoing work with your involvement and donations.

The Anglo Saxon year: JUNE

Taken from The Anglo-Saxon Year by Arlea Hunt-Anschutz

The lunar month corresponding to June was known as AErra Lida, 'first' or 'preceding' Lida and July was AEfterra Lida, 'following Lida'. Bede writes that 'Litha means 'gentle' or 'navigable', because in both these months [June and July] the calm breezes are gentle and they were wont to sail upon the smooth sea.' Since the adjective lide does appear in other Anglo-Saxon contexts meaning 'calm' or 'gentle', along with the verb lidan meaning 'to sail', and a host of other 'lid-' words with nautical connotations, Bede's explanation seems wholly plausible.

Some modern pagan authors have interpreted Lida as the Anglo-Saxon name for the summer solstice due to its symmetry with Yule within the old calendar. AErra Lida, June, and AEfterra Lida, July, fall before and after the summer solstice just as AErra Geola, December, and AEfterra Geola, January, fall before and after the winter solstice. But since there is no record of any Anglo-Saxon words related to lida that have a meaning encompassing the concept of 'the sun', this idea remains within the realm of speculation. Of course, one could also speculate that lida refers to the summer solstice because the sun can metaphorically be seen to sail, lidan, across the sky. But since the solstice is the point where the sun appears to stop moving (solstice literally means 'sun-stop' in Latin), sailing would seem an odd choice of metaphor for this particular celestial event.

And finally

2011 Sponsored Walk along Devil's Dyke

This year over 220 pounds was raised for the Steadfast Trust Fundraiser Week

For the fourth year running a sponsored walk took place along the 7.5 mile Anglo-Saxon earthworks, presently known as Devil's Dyke.
Devil's Dyke is the last in a series of defensive linear earthworks that stretch in a north-west south-east alignment, including Fleam Dyke, Brent Ditch and Bran Ditch. These ditches controlled both the ancient Icknield Way and the Roman Roads (e.g. the modern A11) that passed through them and would have posed formidable obstacles. Devil's Dyke is the biggest and best preserved of these, and was constructed to control trade and access as well as being a military or defensive barrier.

The impressive monument reaches to around 13 feet below present ground level and up to 20 feet above present ground level.

There have been several archaeological excavations through the Dyke in the 20th century. In 1973, during the construction of the A14, an archaeological section was excavated and this helped to reveal how the Dyke may have been constructed. It showed that the first stage was a marker bank using topsoil from the immediate area. Material was then quarried from the ditch and was hoisted to the top of the bank in great tips on earth hauling ramps. Gangs of workers were responsible for different sections. However, it is thought that the defences went out of use after only a few years but it did confirm a construction date in the 5th or 6th century AD.

The most logical explanation for the construction of this defensive monument is that the early Anglo-Saxons, having taken and settled East Anglia sought to protect their claimed lands from the indigenous Britons. The barrier would have been particularly effective against horse troops that the Britons commonly used, however as more Anglo-Saxons settled our ancestors took more and more land eventually forcing the Britons out to the areas of Britain we call today 'Wales' (Welsh means 'foreigner' in old Englisc), 'Cornwall' and parts of 'Scotland'. Once enough land had been taken it was renamed Angleland or in modern English 'England'.

Big congratulation's must go to Darren who ran the entire 7.5 miles, acquiring blisters along the way, then walked back to those still casually walking. Darren did the walk in aid of the Steadfast Trust and is part of a local English Shieldwall group that promotes English causes and cultural heritage.


LINK: Steadfast Trust

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pic from The Hobbit Set

Here is a pic from the set of The Hobbit, which is currently in production.

It will be fascinating to see how Martin Freeman - who most of us will know primarily as Tim from The Office - fits into the role of Bilbo Baggins. I suspect that he will perform well.

I would recommend that anyone planning on watching this movie when it is released reads the book first. It was the imminent release of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring that first spurred me to read Tolkien's masterpiece, which I had been planning on doing for a while but had never got around to.

I'm told it is terribly endearing quality to be able to provide one's co-viewers with an endless supply of geekish background information about the plot and to advise them of any and all deviations from Tolkien's original work ('The elves never actually came to help out at the defence of Helm's Deep you know. Yes I'm sure. What do you mean you don't care?' etc.)

Buy it here:

Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday Photo

And now for a new feature of this blog, Friday Photo, in which I publish an image that has amazed or shocked or delighted me this week (disclaimer: in order to maintain plausible deniability, I reserve the right not to divulge which feeling the said picture has elicited in me.)

Im not sure if the Friday Photo idea will last more than one week, who knows, but in any case I hope you all enjoy this pic of a Commie monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, that was decorated with some superheroes at the weekend. (And Santa. And Ronald Macdonald.)

Click on the image for a closer look.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

More MBI Deceit Exposed

Here is the text of a good anti-MBI letter that appeared in this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser.

A synthetic campaign?

Firstly, the politically-generated debate regarding Morley's festive lights is dead. It was always obvious that these are going to go ahead and frankly the posturing by the MBI party has been pathetic, even by their low standards.

Secondly, I turn to last week's letter by Robert Finnigan.

Let there be no doubt, Mr Finnigan was well aware of council proposals to review the residential provision for our old folk and how it is provided, and the near 100% chance that this would involve closure of LCC homes, well before the recent elections (he attended the LCC Cabinet in December 2010 after all).

Also, his colleague Coun Shirley Varley attended the Adult Social Care scrutiny board in April 2011 where a report about future residential care provision for the elderly was examined and noted without a single vote against.

This report contained recommendations, including this from the Outer South Area Committee (chairman: R. Finnigan): "The need to consult with town/parish councils".

LCC carried out this consultation in February. Was Morley Town Council missed out?

The report also contained queries from councillors as to how the proposals may affect their area. This is one from Robert Finnigan dated March 18 2011: "Requested breakdown of numbers of residents at Knowle Manor, ages, health and previous areas. Also health commission assessment and vacancy rates of homes in Morley area."

The council replied to Mr Finnigan on March 25.

To sum up, this latest MBI indignation is as synthetic as all their previous ones.

Paul Jaimeson
Morley Town Councillor 2000-2007

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Book Presentation in the European Parliament

Philip Claeys MEP held a press conference and presentation of the new book 'After Belgium; The Orderly Split-Up', in the European Parliament in Brussels this morning. He was joined by the authors, Gerolf Annemans MP and Steven Utsi, head of the Vlaams Belang research department (see photo).

Here is what the official press release had to say about this:

Since the federal elections in June 2010 no Belgian politician has succeeded to form a new federal government. We have ended up in a political deadlock instead. With its newest publication “After Belgium – The Orderly Split-Up” the political party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) catches up with already existing Walloon plans to quit the Belgian union. The authors, Gerolf Annemans MP and Steven Utsi, urge Flanders to develop a proper concept for gaining independence quickly and orderly. The Vlaams Belang decidedly prefers an approach of state succession in a European context.

On Wednesday 22 June the authors are to present the English edition of the book that has caused much debate in Belgium over the last year. “After Belgium” is a well-founded survey demonstrating that an orderly split-up of Belgium is the only serious solution for this failed State.

The international community will come to understand that an orderly break-up of the country is the most preferable scenario. With this book, the Vlaams Belang wants to show the world that a peaceful split-up of Belgium according to the principles of international law is a viable option. The authors first explore some relevant historical precedents of state succession, after which they turn to the unique Belgian situation with its Brussels issue and the European context.

The book will be presented by Philip Claeys MEP, together with the authors Gerolf Annemans and Steven Utsi in the Anna Politkovskaya room (press room), PHS 0A50 at 11.00.


And while we are on the subject of our Flemish friends, the VB have set up a new Facebook page in Dutch and English;'Nee aan Turkije in de EU / No to Turkey in the EU', which contains information on the Armenian genocide, the occupation of Cyprus, and other related issues.

Join the group here.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vlaams Belang Declares Flemish Independence!

Our Flemish friends in the Vlaams Belang marked the first anniversary of the last general election in the non-country formally known as Belgium with an interesting and provocative activity in Brussels yesterday.

Since then elections of last year Belgium has not had a government, leading the Flemish patriots to declare Flemish Independence and unveil some new street signs accordingly.

The police were co-operative at first, but went on to arrest a number of people, including Filip Dewinter.

Amusingly, Europenews describes an 'impressive sprint' away from the police achieved by party board member Tanguy Veys, who managed to unveil another sign before being apprehended.

Is Flanders really heading for independence? Considering the fact that the squabbling career-politicians from the various poltical parties from Wallonia and Flanders have now gone a whole year without being able to form a government, such an outcome really cannot be ruled out completely.

Check out the short vid below, which, along with the above photos, I nabbed from the Vlaams Belang website.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Marine Le Pen on 'Taboo Country': France is not a democracy!

Below is a fantastic Russia Today interview with Marine le Pen. Thanks alot to CC for passing this onto me.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Victory at Waterloo

Here is a pic of me taken recently at the ruins of the Hougoumont Farm on the battlefield of Waterloo.

The heroic defence of this farm was a key factor in Wellington's victory in this famous battle.

Many artists have recreated this part of battle in their paintings. Below is an example, which features the south gate at which I am pictured above.

Bernard Cornwell is one of my favourite authors. Good historical fiction (it must be good - there is literally nothing worse than when this is done poorly) helps to bring history to life and can present a historical topic in an interesting new light.

I would recommend anything written by this author.

His take on the battle can be found in his highly-acclaimed Sharpe's Waterloo, which can be bought by clicking on the link below.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Review of 'The Political Brain' by Drew Westen

I was given this book as a gift recently and upon reading the first few pages I was hooked.

The author, Professor Drew Westen, is a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist at Emory University. His book should serve as a wake-up call to all those involved in politics who think they know how elections are won and lost.

The truth is somewhat depressing in many ways, which in no way diminishes its importance.

“The political brain is an emotional brain,” he tells us. “It is not a dispassionate calculating machine, objectively searching for the right facts, figures and policies to make a reasoned decision.”

Political campaigns are won and lost according to the degree to which they affect the electorate on an emotional level.

Actual policies, it turns out, are well down the list of importance.

The book is replete with examples from US election campaigns spanning the past few decades.

As well as illustrating the psychological principles being discussed, these also provide a fascinating overview of American politics during this period.

This book answers questions that will be familiar to anyone who has run serious election campaigns.

Examples include;

Should smears be countered? (Answer: Yes, always).

Should a negative campaign against the other candidate(s) be pursued (yes again, but this must be done right.)

Should difficult issues on which the candidate is weak be avoided? (No, never.)

The list goes on, and much evidence is provided to support the author’s conclusions.

Whether we like to admit it or not, what we regard as the rational and enlightened part of the human brain is a relatively new addition to our neural circuitry. Our emotional brain, which evolution by natural selection has honed over millions of years, and which has, on the whole, served us well throughout that period, is the part that continues to dominate our thought processes in so much that we do.

It turns out that even conscious attempts to let reason and rationality guide us are often just ‘reasoning’ applied retrospectively to justify thoughts and actions that our emotional brain had long since decided upon.

Whilst we as humans may struggle to rise above such primal constraints, it is futile to wish away the facts of our inherited genetic makeup. And to do so when you are trying to win an election is likely to be politically fatal, as this book so amply demonstrates.

I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the psychology behind electoral politics. Anyone standing as a candidate in an election should read it, as should anyone who is involved in any sort of political campaigning.

This book will cause you to look at your political campaigns in a new light, and inspire you to use what you have learned to ensure that the next campaign you fight has the maximum possible impact on the emotional brains of your electorate. For it is there, and only there, that elections are won or lost.

Buy it here:

Friday, 10 June 2011

Save Our Surgery Campaign

I was at St James's Hospital in Leeds yesterday to attend the Annual Public Meeting of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

The meeting was preceeded by an NHS Health Fair.

I attended primarily because of the threatened closure of the Children's Hearth Surgery unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

The unit provides specialist surgery and care to children from all over Yorkshire and the Humber.

If the unit were to close, the hundreds of children who require life-saving surgery each year would have to travel long distances – possibly hundreds of miles – to another facility. This could put those children’s lives in even greater jeopardy.

To show your support for the campaign to save this unit please visit the Children's Heart Surgery Fund website here.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Strache in Strasbourg to Forge Alliance

Pictured: H C Strache and Marine Le Pen in the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday.

FPÖ leader H C Strache was in Strasbourg yesterday for a joint press conference with Front National President Marine Le Pen on the issue of "Europe and its economic and monetary challenges, globalisation and migrations."

This is a highly significant event as it shows an increased enthusiasm by the Austrian Freedom Party to work with the Front National. Presumably the election of Marine Le Pen as leader and the accompanying increase in support for the Front has removed any remaining inhibitions the Austrian had with regard to forming such an alliance.

Both parties appear to be on an upward trajectory at the moment and seem to be natural partners.

They both sit in the Non-Attached group in the European Parliament, along with the BNP and other parties that are not part of any of the official European Parliament groups. The FN is officially alligned with the BNP within the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements, whereas the FPÖ is not.

There is constant talk of the possibility of the FPÖ entering the EFD (Europe of Freedom and Democracy) Group, in which Lega Nord and UKIP are the biggest parties. Strache talked up UKIP on a post on his Facebook page on Monday in which he linked to this video of Nigel Farage
with the message: "FYI! A very interesting and courageous speech by Nigel Farage (leader of the british UKIP), a possible future partner of the FPÖ in the European Parlament!"

It will be fascinating to see how things progress on this issue. Were the FPÖ to be accepted into the EFD, and therefore into alliance with UKIP, this would be likely to cause further consternation within UKIP's ranks.

The issue of European alliances is a very prickly issue for UKIP (e.g. see here), and were the EFD to take another small step toward becoming a genuinely nationalistic pan-European grouping by taking on the FPÖ's two MEPs, this issue would get pricklier still.

The thought of parties like the FPÖ entering an alliance with UKIP would once have horrified me, but no more. Such things will cause far more problems for UKIP that they ever will for any of UKIP's rivals.

For further info:

Youtube video of Austrian news report on the event

Nations Press.Info article including text of Marine Le Pen's speech (in French)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

MBI Claims Exposed

Pictured: Judith Elliott. With the May 2012 elections on the horizon, Judy is a busy little bee.

There are some good letters in this week’s Morley paper that respond to the imbecilic frass published last week on behalf of the Morley Borough Independents Party.

For people who know how the MBIs operate, their self-serving claims are rather transparent and can be exposed and dissected very easily indeed.

Both these letter-writers are very well acquainted with the MBIs and the way they attempt to mislead local voters over issues like this one.

The letters follow:

A simple solution

There is a very simple solution to the (slightly over the top) ‘sensational’ headline Christmas canvelled? In last week’s Observer & Advertiser.

There are funds available from at least three sources, namely Morley Town Council, the Outer South Area Committee and elected members’ MICE money totalling well over £400k, perhaps even £500k.

All three sources are facilitated by politicians operating from within their community so I have every reason to believe that Christmas will not be cancelled.

I can guarantee that local politicians WILL ensure the celebrations go ahead and ‘save the day’.

Indeed, I cannot see any reason why Morley Christmas lights shouldn’t be funded via Morley Town Council’s budget anyway, then Morley would get the entertainment package that Morley wants, not what the Leeds Events Team are prepared to give them.

It should also be remembered that as well as holding the chair of the aforementioned Outer South Area Committee, Robert Finnigan on top of his ‘ordinary’ allowance draws a ‘special responsibility’ allowance of over £20k for his seat on the Executive Board where one assumes, he exerts his influence on his –predominantly – Labour colleagues. Or rather not, as the case appears to be.

That being the case, why does the controlling Labour Group continue to facilitate his status and the subsequent allowance? This sum of money would just about pay for both the Christmas lights this year and next year.

Stewart McArdle

Christmas will come

 It may come as a surprise to those Morley councillors who are currently treating us all to one of their splendid displays of mock indignation on one or two issues, including those who are up for re-election to Leeds council next time round, but please let me gently explain to them; even Leeds City Council does not have the power to cancel Christmas.

Of course the Christmas lights will go ahead in Morley, the area committee and town council will see to that (after all, £12,000 for lights is small beer compared to the £20,000 the area committee chaired by Robert Finnigan has approved to pay towards some stone objects in Woodkirk – talk about getting priorities right).

This wonderful feat will, no doubt, be accompanied by a vast chorus of ‘MBIs save Christmas for Morley’ in the local press!

However, I would be interested to know if LCC or the Morley Chamber of Trade have ever undertaken a study into how much income these festive lights contribute to the local economy – after all, by the time they turn on, the market and most of the shops on Queen Street have closed.

Many local traders do not even open on switch-on night, the only well-attended time, citing it a waste of time and money.

Paul Jamieson
Morley Town

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Lord of the Rings Cartoon

I bought the animated version of the Lord of the Rings recently. Having two young boys gives me the perfect excuse to buy DVDs that I would surely never buy just for myself (e.g. the original Transformers cartoons from the eighties that my generation grew up with and loved. These are all available from Amazon for a ridiculously low price.)

I am a huge Tolkien fan and I can't believe I watched this for the first time just this week.

It was made in 1978 on a low budget (apparently running out of money half-way through which resulted in this particular war for Middle-Earth ending at the battle of Helms Deep) so do not expect to be dazzled with the sort of effects that we are spoiled with in the 21st Century. But the film is faithful to Tolkien's masterpiece and at just £2.99 (inc. p&p) from Amazon it should be in every Tolkien fan's DVD collection.

Even if you don't care about Tolkien it is worth buying if you have young children. The Lord of the Rings is a truly inspirational tale which forms a major part of Tolkien's attempt to create a mythology for the English people.

All children should be given the opportunity to enjoy it in all its various forms.

Buy it here:

The Lord of the Rings (Animated Version) [DVD]

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

English Democrats on Look North

Pictured: St. Botolphs Church in Boston.

I received a text last Friday telling me to put Look North on to watch a report on the English Democrats in Boston. Unfortunately it was the East Yorkshire version of the show that featured this article, so I did not get to see it.

Happily it can be viewed online.

I was glad to see councillor David Owens interviewed as part of the piece.

I played an (admittedly very small) role in his original election as a BNP councillor in Boston and I am delighted that he also decided to join the English Democrats recently.

I am sure that many other good people will follow him.

He has clearly done a very good job as a local councillor. There are plenty of good nationalist councillors who do not get re-elected (though it may be regarded as somewhat self-serving for me to state this!) but I think it is fair to say that any nationalist councillor that gets successfully re-elected can only have done a good job for their communities.

As Cllr Owens intimates in the interview, the English Democrats constitute a new and improved approach for our people, and I am delighted that through his campaigning David continues to do himself and his local community proud.

The news item can be viewed here.