Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tony Linsell and Darcus Howe

This was sent to me recently. It was aired a while ago but is still well worth watching.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Tony Linsell on a number of occasions and he is certainly one of the leading intellectuals of the English nationalist movement.

I wrote several years ago that his book, An English Nationalism, was the single most important book that a nationalist, English or not, could read, and I still believe this to be the case today.

You can buy An English Nationalism by clicking on the 'buy now' button down the right hand side of this page. Also for sale are two classic back issues of Steadfast magazine, which is edited by and contains articles by Tony.

All profit from the sales of these items will go to support the work of Leeds English Democrats.


sam brown said...

i found this video in youtube a few days ago

sums up what is important about english nationalism

also i have been reccomended a untold amount of times to read the an english nationalism book .....many have said is the bible of english nationalism so i will be ordering a copy soon im sure

Chris Beverley said...

Yes I think the description of it as the bible of English nationalism is deserved.

sam brown said...

is that steadfast magazine still being published

also what has happened to tony linsell do you know as i dont seem to have heard much recently about him ....he seems a well respected and much liked person amongst all english nationalists

Chris Beverley said...

Steadfast magazine is no longer being published unfortunately.

Tony Linsell is concentrating on publishing books I think.

Check out for his latest titles.

sam brown said...

cheers chris mate

shame he is not really involved in the main political scene

daithikent said...

Thanks for that,more and more i see a future for English nationalism. it was good to hear and to be aware of Tony Linsell and shall order the book soon as