Friday, 14 October 2011

Barnsley By-Election Result

The results from yesterday's by-election in the St. Helens ward of Barnsley council were as follows:

Dave Leech, Labour Party: 1,257 (75.1%)

Danny Cooke, BNP: 174, (10.5%)

Kevin Riddiough, English Democrats: 146, (8.8%)

Clive Watkinson, Conservatives: 61 (3.7%)

Edward Alan Gouthwaite, Independent: 21 (1.3%)

Turnout: 20.53%

This was an excellent vote for our first time ever standing in this ward.

Our campaign consisted of around three and a half sweeps of leaflets - one of which was localised for the campaign - the rest were standardised English Democrats leaflets.

Our opponents in the BNP put in what was, by the standards of those who are still in this organisation, a substantial campaign, which appeared to consist of four seperate leaflet drops which included 2 localised pieces of propaganda, some Voice of Freedoms, and a sweep of Nick Griffin's EU-petition leaflets.

These EU leaflets were produced through 'Budget Item 400', which is the name of the communications budget allocated to each MEP. Items paid for through this budget are not allowed to be distributed in elections, so their distribution of these leaflets in this by-election may be regarded as a further example of fraudulent use of EU funding.

The BNP's 10.5% is a far cry from the 30% achieved in this ward in 2008 or even the 23% achieved as recently as the by-election in 2009.

In Barnsley, just like everywhere else, the BNP vote is going in one direction and one direction only. The BNP's truth truck (being driven by the odious Ian Kitchen, of Granny Porn infamy) was in town yesterday and the party had a national election day mobilisation.

The fact that all this still could not achieve better than 10.5% says a great deal about the party's decline.

Obviously it would have been very nice to have got an extra 30 votes and finished second but our result was a good one regardless which sets us in good stead for future growth in this area.

I will conclude by congratulating our excellent candidate, Kevin Riddiough, who worked really hard during this campaign. As I said in my recent conference speech, it was a pleasure to help out in this campaign, and I am delighted that our efforts resulted in a highly respectable vote.


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the ED's vote higher?? Surley with the free ride the ED's get by the media they should have at least beaten the BNP?

Considering the constant smears against the BNP and the recent released "expose" by panorama, the BNP did well.

Anonymous said...

Spin it as much as you want beverley...the BNP is not "toxic" and "dead" as the "doomsters" would have us believe!!

sam brown said...

a decent result for the English Democrats

unfortunately what people need to understand is that the eu referendum campaign by nick griffin will not be able to work whilst nikki sinclaire has her campaign going......while hers is much further ahead nick griffins petition will become pointless if im to be honest

Anonymous said...

Good effort but a targetted postal vote campaign on top of the good work could of resulted in 2nd place and some headlines which get the name out and noticed, although if you were involved i am sure it was a decent campaign just wish your party would get active in Leics. All the best WM

John Edwards said...

Well done guys. Some good foundations have been laid for future campaigns. Its never an easy task to fight a stronghold. Its also never been a better time to be an English Democrat.

Anonymous said...

yiiiipeeee, YES, great, never felt better :-) its wonderful to see yet another "civic" nationalist party siphoning votes from the bnp. im of to celebrate there is hope for us all yet.

Anonymous said...

wipeeee!! You split the nationalist vote. Very well done

Anonymous said...

"just wish your party would get active in Leics. All the best WM"

This maybe happening sooner than you think, I intend a meeting probably early November on a Sunday afternoon for interested people.


Adrian said...

Chris, you put up a far better candidate than the BNP, and ran, I do not doubt, a much better campaign. Despite the fact that many, perhaps most, of the good people in Yorkshire have left to join you, and that UKIP did not put up a candidate, the dregs of humanity in the vile Gri££in's rump party of illiterates, perverts, thieves and sociopaths still polled better than you, if only by thirty votes. I am not so rash as to extrapolate too much from one bye-election, but this result does not suggest to me that the Eng Dems are the coming storm. Am I wrong? If so, why?

Best personal wishes,


Manxman said...

Better to be a small nationalist party which many of the public know little about and (which increased it's vote significantly), than a 30 year old continuation of the NF which everyone knows and most have rejected.

Well done English Democrats

Anonymous said...

"wipeeee!! You split the nationalist vote. Very well done"

exactly what NG's BNP did! Thank you BNP

Anonymous said...

"i am sure it was a decent campaign just wish your party would get active in Leics. All the best WM"

Get in touch then!!