Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nick Griffin's Attack Dogs Dishonour our Brave Troops

I picked up the following via an internet forum (which I have no intention of crediting) which I found very interesting.

It is amusing that Nick Griffin's BNP feels it is appropriate to make someone like this the BNP's London mayoral candidate.

Luckily the good people of our capital city will be given the choice to vote for a truly patriotic candidate in next year's vital elections as the English Democrats will be fighting a full campaign across the city.

You can show the traitors who dishonour our brave servicemen and women where to go and show your support for England's patriotic opposition by making a donation to the English Democrats here.

New Scandal Erupts over Griffin-Appointed BNP London Press Officer

A new scandal has erupted over the Nick Griffin-appointed London BNP press officer, Uruguayan-born Carlos Cortiglia, after it emerged that he volunteered to fight for Argentina against Britain during the 1982 Falklands War.

Unconfirmed reports say that Mr Cortigilia has also been selected as the party’s candidate for the London mayoral election in what promises to be yet another self-goal.

In an interview published in the Argentinean newspaper “LA NACION LINE,” on 6 December 2003, Mr Cortiglia, using the word ‘Malvinas’ to describe the Falklands, said in Spanish:

"Soy argentino oriental, o dicho de otro modo, uruguayo de nacimiento, y me siento muy ligado emocionalmente a la República Argentina. En 1982 me ofrecí como voluntario para ir a las Islas Malvinas. Todo nació de mi gran interés por la historia y por haber crecido nutrido por los ideales de lo que podría haber sido y finalmente no fue. Esto me llevó finalmente a involucrarme en la carrera periodística que, en definitiva, fue lo que me trajo al Reino Unido". Así se presenta Carlos Cortiglia.”

This translates directly as:

“I am Argentine Eastern, or in other words, Uruguayan of birth, and I feel very bound emotionally to the Argentine Republic. In 1982 I offered myself as a volunteer to go to the Malvinas. Everything was born from my great interest by history and by to have grown nourished by the ideals than it could have been and finally it was not. This finally took to me to involve me in the journalistic race that, really, went what it brought to the United Kingdom ". This according to Carlos Cortiglia.”

The original article can be found on the Internet archive here.

The Falklands War resulted in the deaths of 255 British soldiers, and three civilian Falkland Islanders.

It erupted after Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland and South Georgia Islands in April 1982.

A British task force was despatched and threw out the invaders in one of the last justifiable overseas wars in which Britain engaged.

For the BNP to select a self-declared enemy of the British people as a national press spokesman, never mind a London mayoral candidate (if that is true), is a gross insult to the soldiers and families of those British people who paid the ultimate sacrifice to free the Falklands.

* Mr Cortiglia has also been turned loose to issue national press releases in the name of the BNP.

So far, he has managed to humiliate the party on no less than two occasions, as his obvious lack of English grammar and language skills have provoked gales of laughter from observers.

For example, Mr Cortiglia’s “press release” supposedly dealing with the protest against Nick Griffin by homosexual campaigner Peter Thatchell announced that it was a “pleasure” to be attacked by Mr Thatchell.

* Another corker of a press release by Mr Cortiglia barely made sense, and one wag offered a £50 reward for anyone who could decipher what he meant:

“Since before the Elections that took place on May 5th 2011, the BNP London Regional Press Office has been busy gathering facts about the new political realities in Britain where none of the so called major political parties has a majority in all countries that make up the United Kingdom.

“The BNP London Regional Press Office has indicated that it has become ostensibly clear that the Westminster Parliament, that adopts decisions that affect every one of the four countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is dominated by a coalition of two parties (Conservative Party and Liberal Democratic Party) that has little representation outside England.”

* For those seeking an understanding of the depth of the insult which Mr Cortiglia’s comments have for British people, readers are invite to peruse the Roll of Honour Garden Memorial for the British soldiers killed during the Falklands War. It can be found by clicking here.


tonydj said...

Then don't forget the visit to the Japanese War Shrine.

Anonymous said...

Also, Carlos used to work for the BBC world service... you can't make this kind of stuff up!

The selection of Carlos by team Griffin is an insult to any UK Nationalist!

Anonymous said...

The English Democrats really need to clarify their views on civic or ethno nationalism, its not made clear what their stance is.