Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Quran and Science

I have just been made aware of this excellent Youtube channel, which describes itself as follows:

The Islam Miracle channel is an account devoted to debunking all the claimed 'miracles of the Quran' as proposed by Prominent Islamic con-artists using verifiable historical and scientific evidence.

We also deal with debunking the most prominent Islamic speakers themselves and all arguments for Islam and against non-belief.

Our goal is to demonstrate the reality of the situation to both believers and non-believers in regards to the Islamic Faith, that the Quran has no Miraculous knowledge, that the 'divine origins' claim of the Quran is False and that there truly are no legitimate arguments in favor of a conservative Islamic-belief system that can't be easily debunked or refuted.

Each of these concise videos deals with a single issue.

Taken together they provide a wealth of information that will be useful to anyone seeking to defend reason and critical thinking in our increasingly irrational and politically-correct society.


Anonymous said...


How are you and your colleagues in the Euro Parliament with Geert Wilders and his Dutch Freedom Party (PVV). In fact how does the EDP relate to the PVV ?

Wilders famously produced a video 'debunking the Quran' - he called it 'Fitna'. Wilders compared the Quran with Mein Kampf !!

Ivan Winters

Chris Beverley said...

There are no links between the nationalists in the EP and the PVV as far as I know.

the PVV do all they can to avoid such associations it seems.

It remains to be seen whether this policy is sustainable in the medium to long term.