Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Lord of the Rings Cartoon

I bought the animated version of the Lord of the Rings recently. Having two young boys gives me the perfect excuse to buy DVDs that I would surely never buy just for myself (e.g. the original Transformers cartoons from the eighties that my generation grew up with and loved. These are all available from Amazon for a ridiculously low price.)

I am a huge Tolkien fan and I can't believe I watched this for the first time just this week.

It was made in 1978 on a low budget (apparently running out of money half-way through which resulted in this particular war for Middle-Earth ending at the battle of Helms Deep) so do not expect to be dazzled with the sort of effects that we are spoiled with in the 21st Century. But the film is faithful to Tolkien's masterpiece and at just £2.99 (inc. p&p) from Amazon it should be in every Tolkien fan's DVD collection.

Even if you don't care about Tolkien it is worth buying if you have young children. The Lord of the Rings is a truly inspirational tale which forms a major part of Tolkien's attempt to create a mythology for the English people.

All children should be given the opportunity to enjoy it in all its various forms.

Buy it here:

The Lord of the Rings (Animated Version) [DVD]


Anonymous said...

I have this on VHS video, and I saw the film at Cottage Road picture house in Headingley back in 1978! Fantastic.

Wolfie said...

I saw it in 1978 in Bedford - i enjoyed it greatly and it was a shame that the second part was never made. i was given to understand that it employed an animation technique that overlaid animation over live action film, thereby giveing a more realistic sense of movement. Apparently the technique was called rotoscoping.