Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Action to Tackle Speeding on Glen Estate

SPEED CHECKS: Local campaigners Tom Redmond, a member of the Glen committee, and Chris Beverley, joined two PCSOs during a recent exercise on Glen Road.

The following article appeared in this week's Morley paper.

Estate's speed crackdown

Speed checks have been carried out on Glen Road following work carried out by the Glen Tenants and Residents Association.

The subject of speeding traffic on the estate has been raised a number of times at the group's meetings and its secretary, Jean Redmond, contacted Morley's local policing team to request that checks be carried out using mobile units that display the speed of a vehicle on its approach.

The mobile speed-monitoring device displays a smiley face to vehicles that are driving within the speed limit, and an unhappy face to those that are speeding.

Vehicles that are caught travelling at above the 30mph speed limit also receive a warning letter from the police.

Local campaigner Tom Redmond said: "We are grateful to the police for their help with this issue and we as a group will continue to work with the police and local residents to do all we can to address the problems of speeding vehicles coming travelling through the Glen Estate."

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