Friday, 14 January 2011

Yorkshire says: Thank You Mr Barnbrook!

Michael Barnbrook (pictured second from left): The bane of corrupt politicians!

On behalf of the Yorkshire and the Humber region I would like to express my profound thanks to whistleblower Michael Barnbrook for the sterling work he has done in exposing the antics of a whole host of fiddling politicians.

Scalps collected by Mr Barnbrook so far include those of Brian Binley, Nadine Dorries, Harry Cohen, Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton. It was also his complaint against Derek Conway that heralded the beginning of the whole MPs' expenses scandal. If you click on these names you will be able to read evidence which proves Mr Barnbrook's involvement, lest this ever be questioned by enemies of our cause who may feel the need to cast such inconvenient truths into the memory hole.

As we have learned over the past week, the name of Barnsley Central MP Eric Illsley can be added to the above list. This crook's imminent resignation will cause a by-election in one of the strongest areas in the country for our party.

Our hard-working Barnsley and South Yorkshire organiser, Ian Sutton, who stood in this constituency in May and took 8.9% of the vote, has pledged to increase our activity in the constituency with immediate effect. Barnsley is already a very active unit, but as of this week there will be some form of activity going on in the constituency every single day up to (and obviously including) election day, whenever that may be.

Details of specific activities will of course follow via the usual channels, but if anyone can help at any point from now on then please get in touch with me.

As we work through our plans for this by-election we should all take a few moments to reflect on the fact that this Labour crook was only exposed due to the hard-work and diligence of our very own members.

To Mr Barnbrook I say this: Keep up the good work exposing those corrupt politicians. The more of them you expose, the more hatred will be directed your way, but the hatred of such liars, perverts and criminals should be worn as a badge of honour.


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Ian Sutton for Barnsley Central- keep it local!

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