Monday, 29 November 2010

The Reason Lib-Lab-Con Will Never Introduce Direct Democracy Here...

Pictured: A image from the SVP's campaign.

This is what the Vlaams Belang had to say about the fantastic outcome of this weekend's referendum in Switzerland regarding the deportation of criminal immigrants. What makes this result even better is the fact that the other parties put forward an alternative watered-down option with the intention of stealing the thunder of the Swiss People's Party (SVP). Happily, the good people of Switzerland are clearly more intelligent that the Establishment parties seem to think.

Well done SVP!

Repatriation of Criminal Immigrants

29.11.2010 - One year after the introduction of a minaret ban, the Swiss have voted a bill of the Swiss People’s Party regarding the repatriation of criminal immigrants. From now on, immigrants that are convicted of sexual offences and crimes of violence, drug dealing and social fraud will automatically lose their residence permit and will be repatriated as soon as they have completed their sentence.

If a similar referendum were to be held in Flanders, it would undoubtedly receive a wide majority of votes. Just like in Switzerland, there is a wide gap between the politically correct establishment and the public opinion in Flanders as well. The difference is of course that the Swiss can speak out on matters as these in referenda and the fact that the Swiss government is obliged to respect the will of the voters.

In Belgium, however, there is no such thing as a binding referendum. What’s more is that the francophone parties have now introduced a bill which makes it even harder to repatriate criminal immigrants than it is now already – in 5 years time, merely 26 criminal immigrants have been repatriated to their country of origin.

Vlaams Belang congratulates the Swiss people on voting the repatriation bill. Our party is in favor of binding referenda as well, which will undoubtedly reject the soft Belgian immigration and asylum policy. Furthermore, a referendum on the dissolution of Belgium would definitely be backed by a large number of Flemings.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Front National Leadership Contest Hots Up

Pictured from left to right: Bruno Gollnisch, Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

I have been observing developments in the contest to replace Jean-Marie Le Pen as the leader of the Front National with increasing interest.

Mr Le Pen has been the president of the Front National since forming the party in 1972 and is due to stand down at the beginning of the new year. A new leader will be elected at the party congress to be held in Tours on 15th-16th January.

The two candidates competing to be elected as his successor are his daughter, Marine Le Pen, and Bruno Gollnisch.

Candidates in this contest are able to campaign openly for votes. Both are in the process of holding meetings around the country and raising funds for their campaigns.

Each has a campaign website which can be found here and here.

I have my own thoughts on who I would like to see win but I will be keeping them to myself as I think it would be entirely inappropriate and politically unwise for our party to be seen to be more favourably disposed to one candidate over another. (Also, bearing in mind that the FN is alot more successful and 'respectable' than us, such support could even be used against the recipient by the other contender).

Imagine what people would have thought if Nationalist MEPs from other countries had voiced support for one of other of the leadership contenders in the BNP leadership contest that never was earlier this year. I do not think it would have gone down very well and it would have inevitable soured future relations with supporters of the 'wrong' candidate.

I will say simply that I hope very much that the next president of the Front National will build on the success achieved in the past by Mr Le Pen and help take European Nationalism to new heights.

That will not stop me from linking to campaign material from either candidate that catches my eye, however, and below is a great little campaign vid from Mr Gollnisch.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cypriot Victims of Turkish Agression Remembered - Lega Nord Press Release

The following is a press release from Lega Nord which is self-explanatory. It says alot about the Euro-enthusiasts on the Committee of the Regions that they are so desperate to get Turkey into the EU as soon as possible they are willing to deny the crimes committed by that country against the people of Cyprus.

This episode highlights the fact that many so-called 'pro-Europeans' are actually outright enemies of the peoples of Europe, whilst so-called 'anti-Europeans' are the only ones who are willing to speak out in defence of Europe's cultures and peoples.

This is worth reflecting on and bearing in mind when our enemies accuse us of being in an 'anti-European' camp. The truth is that our love for Europe is the thing that makes us opponents of the European Union.

Pro Turkish lobby presses CoR to close cultural Exhibition on the areas of Cyprus occupied by Turkey. The exhibition continues after Lega Nord´s (EFD) intervention

On November 18, the euro deputies of Lega Nord, Mario Borghezio, Claudio Morganti, Oreste Rossi, Giancarlo Scottà and Francesco Enrico Speroni – head of the delegation of Lega Nord and co-President of the “Europe of Freedom and Democracy” group (EFD) at the European Parliament – denounced the advanced closure, by the Committee of the Regions, of a photographic exhibition on the cultural heritage of the areas of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey, due to political pressure by a Turkish lobby on the CoR.

The day after, thanks to the intervention of Lega Nord, the CoR decided to continue the exhibition until November 26. The exhibition had been organised by the Municipality of the Region of Kyrenia, the Committee of the Regions, and by the Union of Cyprus Municipalities.

According to the Committee of the Regions, the exhibition had to be closed after its inauguration "because the captions of the photos, that were displayed in the premises of the CoR, referred to the “Turkish military occupation” and to “Turkish smugglers”. Those are words that are not in official use by the European Union when it refers to the Republic of Cyprus". The Committee of the Regions said that "those captions were different compared to that ones which had been sent by the curators of the exhibition". This was the reason behind its scheduled closure.

"The advanced closure of the exhibition signified censorship against the fundamental principles of the European Union", said Mr Speroni.

Mr. Rossi said that "he is satisfied by the carrying on of the exhibition", but he added that "he is still waiting for a clear explanation on the reason why the Secretary General of the CoR did not agree to attend the inauguration of the exhibition".

According to Mr. Borghezio, "this act of censorship proves how strong is the influence of the Turkish lobby within the European Institutions. The EU is in favour of the protection of human rights, but evidently not in all cases".

"Turkey is still far from embodying the democratic principles of the EU" said Mr. Morganti, while his colleague Mr. Scottà added "this act has been offensive towards the history and culture of the area of Cyprus occupied by Turkey ".

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Public Health Announcement: Labour is Bad for Your Community

This letter from well-known Tingley campaigner Paul Cockroft was published in today's Morley Observer & Advertiser and I think it serves as a worthy response to the strange article regarding Thorpe that appeared in this newspaper recently.

It is interesting that the newspaper did not address the fundamental contradictions inherent in the claims being made about Thorpe in the article in question, though this apparent 'journalistic lapse' may in fact be better understood when it is considered that one of the few journalists employed at the Morley Observer and Advertiser is an openly active member of the Labour Party from Thorpe.

So why the problems?

When Greg Langley complained to the Observer & Advertiser about problems in the village of Thorpe he lavished praise on the local ward councillors when he said that they have been “tremendous”.

Please tell us Mr Langley, if the local ward councillors really are tremendous then why does the village have so many problems?

The existing ward councillors have represented Thorpe since 2004 and I struggle to understand why they have allowed these problems in the village to continue and grow in size!

“It doesn’t matter how much we residents complain, nothing seems to get done”, claimed Mr Langley.

Two of the ward councillors who represent the community of Thorpe do not actually live in the area which they represent.

One solution is to get these politicians to do the work or replace them!

Thorpe residents could ask the city council to hold a scrutiny board investigation to look into the problems and this could be done by presenting a deputation before the full council.

Can I ask Mr Langley, did your tremendous Thorpe councillors offer up any of these solutions?

Paul Cockroft

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Krisztina Morvai - Human Rights Lawyer & Nationalist MEP

In this video Mrs Morvai introduces herself and says a few words about her background as a lawyer and human rights campaigner. She also provides a description of the events that led her to her current position.

Her English language website, from which this introductory video is taken, contains extensive footage of her speeches in the European Parliament with English interpretation.

I have a huge amount of respect for Mrs Morvai and Jobbik, which truly is one of Europe's fastest growing and most exciting new nationalist parties.

You can follow Krisztina Morvai on Facebook by clicking here.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Andreas Mölzer MEP on Gianfranco Fini

I thought the following interesting article by Andreas Mölzer MEP (pictured) was worth translating and giving a wider audience, particularly in light of the ongoing tumultuous political situation in Italy.

Once a Fascist, now a Moralist

Gianfranco Fini’s bizarre conversion

Currently going out of his way to display his indignation at the erotic escapades of his head of government, Gianfranco Fini, the speaker of the lower house, is regarded as the leader of the internal opposition to Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s Prime Minister. Self-righteous outrage at the lifestyle and utterances of the head of government fills the pages of international newspapers. Such criticism is, of course, met with universal approval by politically correct columnists.

Berlusconi’s statement that it is better to be passionate about beautiful girls than be gay was met with indignation not only by political(ly correct) commentators, but also, of course, by Mr Fini. This individual has become the linchpin in the battle to keep Italy’s centre-right government in power. His attacks on Berlusconi could bring down the government. Fini’s criticism, in terms of its content, is levelled above all at Lega Nord, who he has tried to smear with accusations of irresponsibility, racism, and extremism.

The truth is that Mr Fini is right to fear the increasing success of Lega Nord, which is becoming a genuine right-wing populist party, and not just in Northern Italy. This party consistently stands up for the preservation of Northern Italy’s national identity, and fights against the problems of mass immigration and Islamism. It is widely recognised that Mr Fini has not behaved in such a consistent way for a long time. The one-time Young Fascist and Mussolini admirer has transformed himself into an apostle of the politically correct zeitgeist, who obligingly made his pilgrimage to Yad Vashem and increasingly takes left-wing liberal stance on the issues of the day. This is evident in his approach to such issues as immigration, discrimination against homosexuals and bogus asylum-seekers ,and many more.

Fini provides an example of the way in which right-wing politicians first disown their roots, increasingly move to the political centre where they seek accommodation with the establishment, get into positions of power in government, and then finally betray their political movement in the same way as they earlier betrayed their ideology. He notoriously wound up his post-fascist Allianze Nazionale party in order to join Berlusconi’s Popolo della Libertà. Only recently, as his dream of becoming Berlusconi’s successor died and it was increasingly clear that Mr Berlusconi had no intention of standing down anytime soon, has Mr Fini begun to build anything approaching a party structure. He is gathering MPs in order to create a group called Futuro e Libertà per l’Italia, which may now leave the government.

These recent developments lend weight to the impression that Fini is concerned with his own career and position above everything else. Merely being President of the lower house is certainly not enough for this one-time fascist, who now seeks to portray himself as a moralist. He is dead set on become Italy’s Prime Minister, even if he must become a leftist politician in order to achieve this.

This article was taken from the blog of Andreas Mölzer MEP (FPÖ).

Friday, 19 November 2010

Meeting with Whitby's Fishermen

I was in Whitby today with Andrew Brons and two local volunteers to attend a meeting with local fishermen to discuss the problems faced by the local fishing industry. The meeting was set up by the Whitby Gazette newspaper, who are spearheading a campaign in defence of Whitby's fishermen under the banner of 'Fight for our Fleet'.

All Yorkshire's MEPs were invited to the meeting but only Andrew Brons and UKIP's Godfrey Bloom attended. Also present were local fishermen, representatives from the paper, officials from the Marine Management Organisation, representatives from the harbour, some local councillors (including the town mayor), and a handful of other local people.

The meeting was very productive and we learned a great deal about the problems affecting our fishing industry, not only in Whitby, but across the entire country. More importantly even than that, we discussed with the fisherman exactly what it is that they would like to see us campaign on to try and improve things for the industry.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Letter on Remembrance Day and the Christmas Truce of 1914

Pictured: How the Illustrated London News depicted the truce

The following letter was printed in this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser:

As is the case every year, the townsfolk of Morley came out in their droves to pay their respects to our fallen servicemen and women on Remembrance Sunday. It was an honour for me to take part in the parade and ceremony, where I laid a wreath on behalf of my party. Wreaths were also laid at the ceremonies in Churwell and Tingley.

This annual commemoration is based around the date of the armistice that ended the First World War.

By the end of 1914 a number of battles had been fought with significant losses on all sides, and as the year’s end approached it slowly dawned on the various participants that this war would most probably not be over by Christmas after all. The set-piece battles of past conflicts were consigned to the history books and were replaced with the horrors of trench warfare. Though few could have guessed it at the time, the scene was set for a slaughter of Europe’s youth on an industrial scale that would shape the rest of the century to come.

Yet as Christmas Day in 1914 approached, the guns increasingly fell silent. In many sectors troops from opposing sides offered one another a hand of friendship. Soldiers erected makeshift Christmas trees, sang carols together, and exchanged cigarettes and chocolate and other gifts. Some played football.

I find it heartening and yet heartbreaking that such a spontaneous truce was possible. Heartening in that for this short time the youth of Europe could put aside their artificially imposed enmity and join together in the celebration of a common custom, and heart-breaking in that a short time later these young men who had been happily socialising with one another would be killing each other on a colossal scale once again.

I regard the Christmas Truce of 1914 as a beacon of humanity among the unimaginable pain and suffering of the Great War and think that this is a story worth reflecting on as we remember those who have died for their country.

Chris Beverley

Monday, 15 November 2010

English Version of Salem 2010 Video

Here is the English version of the video promoting this year's Salem march on 11th December in Sweden. For my previous article about this annual demonstration to remember the victims of racist violence see here.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

We Will Remember Them

I attended three local Remembrance Day services today.

The first was in Churwell this morning, and this was followed by the main Morley service and parade from the Town Hall to the war memorial in Scatcherd Park (see pic). Andrew Brons also attended this ceremony, along with other BNP members and supporters. As is the case every year, there was a fantastic turnout of local Morley folk, which was fantastic to see.

In the afternoon I attended the service in Tingley held at the memorial to the Halifax bomber crew who were killed near this location exactly 66 years ago today.

We laid wreaths at all 3 ceremonies to pay our respects to those who have given their all for their country.

Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My Letter Regarding Circus Animals

The following letter was printed in today's Morley Observer and Advertiser:

Agree with animal ban

I agree wholeheartedly with the call to ban wild animal acts in travelling circuses (‘Help ban animal act’ letter, Morley Observer and Advertiser, 3rd November 2010).

I believe that transporting wild animals around the country and forcing them to perform for the amusement of a circus audience has no place in a civilised society.

Even with the best will in the world it would be extremely difficult to ensure the safety and well-being of animals such as lions, tigers, and elephants, which spend their lives on the road with a travelling circus.

The cases of wilful cruelty towards performing circus animals that have been exposed by the Captive Animals’ Protection Society strengthen the case for an all-out ban.

As well as calling for a change in the law, people have the option to vote with their feet and refuse to attend circuses that use wild animals, such as the one that was in Tingley recently. Local schools should acknowledge that we have a responsibility to do what we can to prevent cruelty to animals and teach their pupils why it is unethical to force wild animals to perform in circuses. Schools certainly should not be sending children home with flyers for such circuses, as at least one local school did recently.

My criticism is aimed only at circuses that use wild animals and is obviously not aimed at circuses and their performers in general. Circuses can be a fantastic spectacle and are truly worth visiting if you get chance. They contain some of the most exciting and raw live performances in the world.

Happily, many circuses do not use wild animals. Those that do should remove animals from their acts and concentrate instead on showcasing the feats of human skill and endurance for which circuses have become renowned throughout the centuries.

Chris Beverley

Friday, 5 November 2010

Cameron fuss over EU budget is all smoke and mirrors

What follows is an interesting email I received which I thought deserved a wider circulation. Its author is an ex-UKIP MEP, Ashley Mote, who has some very interesting insights into the workings of the EU and the European Parliament in particular.

Cameron fuss over EU budget is all smoke and mirrors

Why is anyone fussed over a 6% increase in EU spending voted by the EP (European Parliament), and now supposedly rejected by ministers?

And why has the media ignored the reality of the EU’s latest financial charade?

FACT : There is no direct connection between EU income and so-called annual budgeting.

I know – I was on that committee for five years.

The UK, like all other countries, pays a percentage of VAT, all customs duty collected (net) and a percentage of GDP.

There is no mechanism for refunding unused funds to member states. They just pile up in Brussels, hidden away by the bureaucrats who rightly guess that – most of the time – no-one will notice.

Well, a few of us did – years ago.

There are huge cash reserves in Brussels but even my sympathisers inside the Commission were unable to establish exactly how much. The EU’s accounts do not include a properly constructed balance sheet, and never have. Neither has the puppet EU Court of Auditors ever complained.

The EU has also admitted to running over 600 bank accounts all over the world, and has what it chooses to call “dealings with” another 214,000. All of which suggests to me that the EU’s cash pile must be huge!

The EP’s so-called annual budgeting is merely an exercise in the allocation of existing funds. There is no meaningful and controlled relationship between EU income and its expenditure, beyond not spending more than the gross sum available from existing cash reserves and the next year’s forecast income as per the formula above.

Businesses must control their spending, otherwise they will collapse. Most governments, but not all, try to control their spending, especially when faced with the necessity of seeking re-election.

The EU, on the other hand, can enjoy an irresponsible profligacy because neither of these dangers exists.

No wonder the EU felt free to waste £124,000 recently on a transgender conference for 200 homosexuals, bi-sexuals, trans-genders and what it described with breathtaking political correctness as ‘intersex’ activists.

Politically correct poppycock would have been a better description. It would have been hilarious except that we taxpayers paid for it!

More seriously, and much more alarmingly, the EU is now pouring more than £33 million into a fleet of armour-plated limousines for its so-called ‘ambassadors’ who will attempt to muscle in on the diplomatic services already established centuries ago around the world by most member states, including the UK.

Altogether these Johnny-come-lately bureaucrats masquerading as diplomats are going to cost us a tidy half a billion a year, not least when they are sitting in new embassies on chairs costing £800 each.

None of the decision makers who set up this new layer of bureaucratic inertia have ever stood for election in the UK. And the only person amongst them to win a seat anywhere was elected in Belgium to a parliament incapable of forming a government.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament has started to flex its Lisbon Treaty muscles by tinkering around the edges of the Commission’s budget as part of the democratic accountability charade. This year’s huffing and puffing about the Commission wanting a 2.9% increase and the EP wanting 6% is all shadow boxing. Pure humbug.

They all know there’s a bucket load of money just sitting there.

The essence of this sham argument is entirely presentational. The Commission knows even a 2.9% increase sounds too much for the UK and some others. The European Parliament, dominated by the left, thinks flinging money at every problem overcomes it.

They also believe that every desirable (to them) piece of social engineering should go ahead if the money is there. And they know they can always claim it will help stimulate recovery, whether or not it does. By the time the truth is known it will be far too late to stop the expenditure anyway.

So it matters not a jot in the real Brussels world what Cameron says or does. There would have been benign smiles from the EU professionals he left behind whilst boasting to the rest of us that his journey was a triumph. They knew he had achieved exactly nothing. They also now know that he has yet to understand how the EU actually works.

Meanwhile, the changes the Germans want to the Lisbon Treaty will be pushed through – just as I and dozens of others endlessly warned – under the catch-all clause that allows retrospective amendment without ratification. After all, THAT was precisely why it was in the treaty, for heavens sake!

I raised this potential combination of circumstances – which has now evolved for real - many times, asked countless written questions and said what needed saying in the parliament on numerous occasions. Those speeches are still on the net to this day, on YouTube and many other sites.

At the time, and as usual, the Commission’s answers were opaque without being a denial and – again as usual - no-one took the slightest notice, including the UK media.

The British sleepwalk into the EU goes on, regardless of who has the keys to No 10. The present incumbent chooses not to make the biggest saving of the lot by simply telling Brussels we are leaving. As friends and neighbours we will trade with you, and on our terms. Take it or leave it.

My five years in Brussels also convinced me they’d jump at such a deal. They know we don’t belong. Many of them openly admit it.

Oh boy, do we need a British Tea Party! Amateurs, maybe. But people who’ve had enough, run out of patience, and who are prepared to wait no longer. In the US they’re about to seize some of the controls.

The time is long overdue when we do the same. We need to become revolting.

To respond to, or comment on this Email, please email

Click to visit the site now.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nationalist Victory in Ukraine

Ukranian nationalist party Svoboda, our partners in the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements, registered a very significant result in the local elections held last Sunday (31st October).

Their best results were in Lviv, Ivano-Frankiuvsk and Ternopil, where they gained over 30% of the votes cast, making them the strongest party in these areas.

Overall Svoboda came in 5th place in these elections. The governing Regions Party of President Victor Yanukovych came in first place, followed by Batkivschyna, which is the party of Yulia Tymochenko, of Orange Revolution fame. The Front for Change party of Arsenyi Yacenyuk came in fourth place, followed by the Communist Party.

The rise in support shown for the nationalists on Sunday means that groups of Svoboda councillors will be entering a significant number of local and regional assemblys for the first time.

This was in spite of alleged vote rigging in a number of areas, for instance in Kiev, the country's capital.

Earlier today, in a press release from Svoboda's deputy leader Andriy Mokhnyk, the party demanded that all votes in the city be recounted and that the heads of the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky city and district election commissions and the Bila Tserkva city election commission be arrested.

Svoboda are also calling for Kiev's Regional Governor, Anatoliy Prysiazhniuk, be sacked for failing to ensure the constitutional right of citizens to freedom of expression and a fair counting of the votes.

"Svoboda demands that votes be recounted at all polling stations in Kyiv region, and it will insist that criminal proceedings be launched against all those involved in vote rigging," the statement continues.

It is a credit to Svoboda that even in the face of such underhandedness, the party still managed to achieve a great result.

Below is a nice little video produced for these elections.

ВО "Свобода": Хто ще захистить твої права? Приєднуйся! from ВО Свобода on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Morley's No-Show Councillors Disgrace our Town

Pictured: Morley Borough Independents - good at misusing taxpayers' resources, not so good at attending council meetings.

Tonight's full meeting of Morley Town Council descended into farce as only 13 out of a total of 22 Morley Borough Independent councillors could be bothered to turn up.

Various items on the agenda could not be discussed and had to be deferred to a future meeting due to the shocking absenteeism of the 'MBIs'.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Swedish victims of Racist Violence to be Remembered

Here is a video advertising this year's Salem march and memorial ceremony that is held each year to remember Sweden's victims of racist violence.

This year's march is an important milestone, as 9th December will mark the 10th anniversary of the brutal murder of Daniel Wretström, the boy whose death led to the establishment of the Salemfonden and this annual memorial event.

The gathering has become a hugely important event in the calendar of nationalists, not only in Sweden, but in many other countries as well, and it is hoped that this year's march will be well-attended by European patriots from near and far.

For more information in English about the Salem march please see here and here.