Monday, 27 September 2010

Press Release from Philip Claeys MEP

EU Report: 900.000 Illegal Immigrants Per Year

Vlaams Belang Wants Effective Repatriation Policy

According to a joint note by Europol, Eurojust and Frontex, an estimated 900.000 illegal immigrants enter the European Union each year. The note focuses on the internal security within the EU and is intended for the Committee on operational cooperation on internal security (COSI). It has been drawn up in May 2010, but has just recently leaked out.

For the very first time, an official EU document speaks of such an astronomic number.

The Vlaams Belang MEPs ask for a large debate on illegal immigration and the malfunctioning of the Schengen Agreement (there are no more inner borders in the EU, since the outer borders are being controlled). As long as there is no effective repatriation policy, the stream of illegal immigrants will continue to grow.

It is beyond doubt that a disproportional number of illegal immigrants will eventually end up in Belgium. Calculations can be made by looking at the number of asylum seekers. Asylum immigration and illegal immigration are largely stimulated by similar factors, such as the ‘warm-hearted’ Belgian housing and regularization procedure, the absence of an effective repatriation policy and the actual presence of certain ethnic groups.

In 2009, 17.190 people applied for asylum in Belgium. That is 7 % of the 246.210 asylum applications that were made that year in the EU-27. If we apply this percentage to the estimated 900.000 illegal immigrants that enter the EU each year, about 63.000 would come to Belgium.

Philip Claeys
European Member of Parliament

Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Productive Week in Strasbourg

I was in Strasbourg again last week to assist Andrew Brons in the European Parliament.

This session was far less stressful than the last one that I attended, with far fewer motions/resolutions and last-minute amendments to go through.

Nevertheless, it was a highly eventful one from our point of view.

The highlights for me included Andrew's speech on Iran, a speech which concluded with a delightful assault on America's eagerness for launching aggressive wars, and the speech by the President of Mali, which confirmed what we have long said about mass immigration (or from their point of view, mass emmigration) robbing the Third World of its most talented citizens.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Morley's Worst Councillors Exposed

Pictured: Morley Borough Independent Councillor Richard Benson, who did not attend a single full council meeting last year.

The publication of the annual report of Morley Town Council for 2009-10 has revealed the attendance record of Morley's councillors, and the results are rather shocking.

Morley Borough Independent councillors Richard and Helen Benson were the very worst of a bad MBI bunch. The pair failed to attend a single Council meeting, and only managed to avoid being booted off the council due to non-attendance by dragging themselves along to a few committee meetings. In the case of Richard Benson, this meant attending 2 out of 14 meetings of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Helen Benson attended one out of the 10 meetings of the Morley Entertainments Sub-Committee and 2 of the 14 meetings of the Community Development Committee.

The combined Benson attendance at committee or council meetings for the 2009-10 year was a laughable 9.6%.

Fellow MBI Party councillors Mary Hicks and Judith Elliott also attended less than half of the council meetings held, and for many of Morley's 'independents' things got even worse at committee level.

Judith Elliott, for example, managed to turn up to a single meeting of the Civic Duties Sub-Committee, and missed the other eleven. Terence Grayshon attended two out of fourteen Community Development Committee meetings and failed to attend a single one of the ten meetings of the Morley Entertainments Sub-Committee. The list goes on.

Not everyone has the contempt for our town displayed so blatantly by the Morley Borough Independents however, and our councillor once again maintained her 100% attendance record which she has had since getting elected in 2007.

It says alot about the character of the Morley Borough Independents that they have the audacity to field candidates for elections who clearly have no interest whatsoever in attending meetings or doing anything to serve our town. Yet on top of this insult, they also have the cheek to lie to voters and claim that it is other councillors that miss meetings.

The statistics speak for themselves!