Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Animal Welfare Letter

The following letter was printed in this week's Morley paper:

Well done for action

I am sure that Morley residents will join me in welcoming the news that one of the big supermarkets with a presence in our town has agreed for CCTV to be introduced into all slaughterhouses that supply their meat, following research that uncovered horrific conditions in some of Britain's slaughterhouses.

The decision of Morrisons to take this action and to allow independent monitoring of the footage is an important step in the right direction. This will help to give local consumers the ability to mimimise the risk of buying meat from slaughterhouses that allow their animals to suffer unnecessary pain, distress and cruelty.

I hope very much that other supermarkets with stores in this area, including ASDA and Sainsburys, will follow the good example set by Morrisons. I have written to these and other companies asking for them to take action and I would encourage others who care about this issue to do likewise.

Chris Beverley
East Ardsley

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