Friday, 19 November 2010

Meeting with Whitby's Fishermen

I was in Whitby today with Andrew Brons and two local volunteers to attend a meeting with local fishermen to discuss the problems faced by the local fishing industry. The meeting was set up by the Whitby Gazette newspaper, who are spearheading a campaign in defence of Whitby's fishermen under the banner of 'Fight for our Fleet'.

All Yorkshire's MEPs were invited to the meeting but only Andrew Brons and UKIP's Godfrey Bloom attended. Also present were local fishermen, representatives from the paper, officials from the Marine Management Organisation, representatives from the harbour, some local councillors (including the town mayor), and a handful of other local people.

The meeting was very productive and we learned a great deal about the problems affecting our fishing industry, not only in Whitby, but across the entire country. More importantly even than that, we discussed with the fisherman exactly what it is that they would like to see us campaign on to try and improve things for the industry.


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Anonymous said...

It was obvious to me that Andrew would take on his role as MEP for Yorkshire & Humberside with the professionalism and resilience he showed as a lecturer at Harrogate College. I hope you had the opportunity to get stuck into some Whitby fish & chips before you had to head for home. Well done Chris & Andrew, you set an example all Nationalists should emulate.


Chris Beverley said...

We did indeed!