Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cypriot Victims of Turkish Agression Remembered - Lega Nord Press Release

The following is a press release from Lega Nord which is self-explanatory. It says alot about the Euro-enthusiasts on the Committee of the Regions that they are so desperate to get Turkey into the EU as soon as possible they are willing to deny the crimes committed by that country against the people of Cyprus.

This episode highlights the fact that many so-called 'pro-Europeans' are actually outright enemies of the peoples of Europe, whilst so-called 'anti-Europeans' are the only ones who are willing to speak out in defence of Europe's cultures and peoples.

This is worth reflecting on and bearing in mind when our enemies accuse us of being in an 'anti-European' camp. The truth is that our love for Europe is the thing that makes us opponents of the European Union.

Pro Turkish lobby presses CoR to close cultural Exhibition on the areas of Cyprus occupied by Turkey. The exhibition continues after Lega Nord´s (EFD) intervention

On November 18, the euro deputies of Lega Nord, Mario Borghezio, Claudio Morganti, Oreste Rossi, Giancarlo Scottà and Francesco Enrico Speroni – head of the delegation of Lega Nord and co-President of the “Europe of Freedom and Democracy” group (EFD) at the European Parliament – denounced the advanced closure, by the Committee of the Regions, of a photographic exhibition on the cultural heritage of the areas of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey, due to political pressure by a Turkish lobby on the CoR.

The day after, thanks to the intervention of Lega Nord, the CoR decided to continue the exhibition until November 26. The exhibition had been organised by the Municipality of the Region of Kyrenia, the Committee of the Regions, and by the Union of Cyprus Municipalities.

According to the Committee of the Regions, the exhibition had to be closed after its inauguration "because the captions of the photos, that were displayed in the premises of the CoR, referred to the “Turkish military occupation” and to “Turkish smugglers”. Those are words that are not in official use by the European Union when it refers to the Republic of Cyprus". The Committee of the Regions said that "those captions were different compared to that ones which had been sent by the curators of the exhibition". This was the reason behind its scheduled closure.

"The advanced closure of the exhibition signified censorship against the fundamental principles of the European Union", said Mr Speroni.

Mr. Rossi said that "he is satisfied by the carrying on of the exhibition", but he added that "he is still waiting for a clear explanation on the reason why the Secretary General of the CoR did not agree to attend the inauguration of the exhibition".

According to Mr. Borghezio, "this act of censorship proves how strong is the influence of the Turkish lobby within the European Institutions. The EU is in favour of the protection of human rights, but evidently not in all cases".

"Turkey is still far from embodying the democratic principles of the EU" said Mr. Morganti, while his colleague Mr. Scottà added "this act has been offensive towards the history and culture of the area of Cyprus occupied by Turkey ".

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Anonymous said...

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