Saturday, 27 November 2010

Front National Leadership Contest Hots Up

Pictured from left to right: Bruno Gollnisch, Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

I have been observing developments in the contest to replace Jean-Marie Le Pen as the leader of the Front National with increasing interest.

Mr Le Pen has been the president of the Front National since forming the party in 1972 and is due to stand down at the beginning of the new year. A new leader will be elected at the party congress to be held in Tours on 15th-16th January.

The two candidates competing to be elected as his successor are his daughter, Marine Le Pen, and Bruno Gollnisch.

Candidates in this contest are able to campaign openly for votes. Both are in the process of holding meetings around the country and raising funds for their campaigns.

Each has a campaign website which can be found here and here.

I have my own thoughts on who I would like to see win but I will be keeping them to myself as I think it would be entirely inappropriate and politically unwise for our party to be seen to be more favourably disposed to one candidate over another. (Also, bearing in mind that the FN is alot more successful and 'respectable' than us, such support could even be used against the recipient by the other contender).

Imagine what people would have thought if Nationalist MEPs from other countries had voiced support for one of other of the leadership contenders in the BNP leadership contest that never was earlier this year. I do not think it would have gone down very well and it would have inevitable soured future relations with supporters of the 'wrong' candidate.

I will say simply that I hope very much that the next president of the Front National will build on the success achieved in the past by Mr Le Pen and help take European Nationalism to new heights.

That will not stop me from linking to campaign material from either candidate that catches my eye, however, and below is a great little campaign vid from Mr Gollnisch.

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