Saturday, 23 January 2010

Stop the Fur Trade - Leeds Kirkgate Market complaints

I've just received some emails today containing the following appeal:

Please Stop the Fur Trade

This shop in council-owned Leeds Kirkgate Market, the XXXXXXXXXX, is selling key rings and ‘nodding dog’ toys made entirely of fox and rabbit fur.

Leeds City Council have previously signed up to ethical policies regarding various issues of animal abuse.

Undercover investigations into the Chinese fur trade have revealled routing suffering and cruelty, including animals being skinned alive and clubbed to death.

Please Stop this cruelty.

I have deleted the name of the store as I have not yet verified the truth behind these claims. I have contacted the council's chief executive about this matter to ask that it be investigated and I will update readers on the outcome of this in due course.
I have today received the following communication:

Dear Cllr Beverley....I can confirm that the Market service are now investigating this issue; in the meantime the tenant has been advised to remove the items from sale which he has agreed to do....If you require any further information then please do contact me directly - my details are below.

Head of City Centre and Markets


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