Saturday, 2 January 2010

My letter regarding discovery of historic artefacts in Tingley

Pictured: Viking 'Thing' or gathering of the sort believed to have taken place at the historic Tingley site, just off Dewsbury Road/Lowry Road.

The following letter was printed in this week's Morley paper:

I read with great interest your report concerning the recently found Anglo-Saxon and other historical artefacts in Tingley.

I would like to congratulate Mr Cockroft on his find and I hope that this great result will spur him on to keep up his metal detecting work!

As was hinted at in your article, Tingley is an area of huge historical importance, particularly with regard to the Anglo-Saxon and Viking eras of early English history.

The greater Morley area has a very rich history, as well as a number of highly dedicated and knowledgeable local historians, such as Mr Peter Aldred, who was mentioned in your article, and I hope that this important discovery will help to highlight this and may lead to more local people taking a keener interest in the history of our local area.

Well done to Mr Cockroft. We look forward to seeing what you unearth next!
Chris Beverley

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