Saturday, 28 November 2009

Worthlessness of UKIP underlined by its new leader

An article on the BBC website today concerning a deal offered by UKIP to the Tories not to stand against them in the General Election demonstrates once and for all what an utterly worthless party UKIP is.

The proposed deal, given by the new UKIP leader Lord Pearson to Lord Strathclyde, the Tory leader in the house of Lords, consisted of an offer not to fight seats in the General Election if the Tories promised to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty should they win the General Election. (As if a promise from the Tories on this matter is worth very much in any case).

This proposed deal is nothing spectacular in itself and could actually be regarded as a good strategic move by UKIP. It is highly unlikely that they will win seats at the general election, perceived as they are by most people (very rightly) to be a single-issue party with no relevance whatsoever in local or parliamentary elections. Were the Tories to accept this deal, UKIP could save themselves the embarrassment of performing poorly in the general election and claim full credit for any ensuing referendum and its consequences.

It is fairly unthinkable that Cameron's Tory party would accept such a deal of course, so UKIP can now claim that their selfless offer shows a genuine desire to put the interests of the country first, ahead of party political consideration, and its rejection by the Tories shows them to be utterly out of touch and unsympathetic to people's genuine concerns about the rise of the EU-superstate.

What is of greater relevance is the statement by the UKIP leader that; "...when we had the referendum - which we believed we would win - we would then be out of the European Union and then at that point UKIP...would probably have disbanded because its major point would no longer be in existence."

In other words, despite pretending to be more than just a single-issue pressure group, UKIP's leader has admitted quite openly that the party that claims to have a manifesto on a wide range of issues would actually disband should there be a referendum on one particular EU Treaty.

We therefore have proof that the party that is cynically wheeled out at election time by the Establishment could not care less about the many issues facing our people that have nothing to do with our membership of the EU, such as mass immigration from the Third World, the disastrous war of aggression being fought in Afghanistan and the one being planned against Iran, the deliberate erosion of law and order in this country and its replacement by a system in which the rights of criminals are elevated above the rights of its citizens, or any of the other various problems that our nation continues to face.

UKIP are not interested in lifting a finger, for example, to address the scandal of the UK taxpayer having to pay for new identities for the vile individuals who tortured to death Baby P, in order to save them from receiving the justice that the British state is unwilling to serve on them itself.

UKIP has nothing to say about any of these things and the above statement by its new leader shows just what a shallow and worthless party it is. It is the duty of all patriots to oppose this establishment pressure-valve party and vote it out of existence.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

MBIs Disgrace Our War Dead & My Letter to the Press

The Morley Observer and Advertiser failed to print this letter from me in today's paper, despite finding plenty of room to let the Morley Borough Independents give their comments.

One sickening incident that I observed on Sunday was the blatant politicisation of the Churwell remembrance ceremony by the Morley Borough Independents and their town councillor Joyce Sanders in particular. Sanders abused her position and used the ceremony as an opportunity to promote the political party that she represents, listing things she claimed her party colleague Robert Finnigan was doing for the area.

By using this service as an opportunity for a mini party political broadcast the Morley Borough Independents Party have disgraced our war dead and shown once again that the perverts, bullies and liars that make up this disgusting little party are utterly unfit for office.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was honoured this Sunday to be able to lay a wreath at Morley's Remembrance Day service. The turnout of local Morley people to take part in the commemorative service was once again very good.

There have been attempts recently by the extreme left to argue that people should not wear poppies because this could be seen as promoting the current war in Afghanistan. I disagree with this entirely and I think it is appalling when people try to politicise Remembrance Day for their own ends.

Wearing a poppy is simply a way of remembering those who have fought for this country and died or come home injured, and this includes those who are still doing so today. It has nothing to do with supporting war in general or certain wars in particular, and in any case, the degree to which wars can be classed as justifiable is a matter of opinion that is prone to changes over time as new generations of our people come to study the causes of past wars from their own unique standpoint.

One thing that should never change, however, is the way in which Remembrance Day provides an opportunity for us all to show our respect and appreciation for those who were willing to put their safety on the line for our country when they were asked to do so. The politics of the day should have nothing to do with it. The heroes of our people whose blood was shed in every corner of the globe deserve better.

Happily the people of Morley have once again showed that these brave men and women will be remembered in our town, and long may this continue.

Councillor Chris Beverley

Morley South (Leeds City Council)

Monday, 9 November 2009

My call for a Council Tax Rebate for Leeds Ratepayers

I have emailed all Leeds City Councillors to see if any of them will second this motion for full council:

"This council calls on the Chief Executive to instruct his officers to prepare a report outlining the mechanism by which Leeds ratepayers could be given a council-tax rebate that is proportionate to the amount of disruption that the ongoing industrial action has caused to each household."

Friday, 6 November 2009

From this week's Morley paper:

Skips to help ease rubbish burden

SKIPS were placed around areas of Morley last weekend to help residents keep on top of their overflowing rubbish during the ongoing bin strike.

Coun Chris Beverley organised for the skips to be put in areas including the Glen Estate.

"I arranged this to allow anyone with excess rubbish that has not been collected by the council during the ongoing strike to drop it off in one of these skips," he said.

"The company I sourced sorts through all the contents of their skips to ensure that recyclables are removed and recycled thus allowing residents to also deposit recyclables that would otherwise go in their (no doubt full) green bins.

"I decided to take this action in an attempt to alleviate some of the problems that the recent strike has caused in this area."

Coun Beverley said he was also calling for a council tax rebate for residents.

"Emptying its residents’ bins regularly is one of the most basic functions of a local council," he said.

"As Leeds City Council has clearly failed in this regard, I am also calling for a council tax rebate for all residents adversely affected by the actions of the past few weeks.

"Saturday's activities appear to have been a resounding success, and I intend to repeat in in other locations around my ward should the strike persist."

The following letter was also printed in the same issue:

Thanks for the skips

AFTER speaking with a lot of tenants of the Glen Estate I, on behalf of the residents, would like to thank Coun Chris Beverley for providing funding for the much-needed skips located in the Carriers Arms car park on Saturday, October 24. Thanks also to Shaun and Diane.

This much-needed gesture was fully appreciated by people off the estate who yet again have ben failed by the Morley Borough Independent-backed Leeds City Council.

The failure by the council resulted in Coun Beverley taking the matter of the excess rubbish, particularly the six weeks over-flowing green bins, into his own hands.

Maybe other local councillors should take a leaf out of Coun Beverley's book, take note of his actions and get something done to resolve this environmental problem.


Glen Road, MORLEY

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Councillor joins Royal Marines for day

Taken from this week's Morley paper:

MORLEY councillor Chris Beverley has taken part in this year’s Royal Marines Commando Challenge in Bicton, Devon.
The event is an annual fundraiser that involves volunteers taking part in a timed cross-country run with various obstacles along the way including small tunnels and plenty of mud to crawl through, and numerous water features.
It is part of the endurance course which must be completed by Royal Marines recruits in training.
Coun Beverley said: “I was a Royal Marines cadet when I was younger and I once attended a training camp at the Royal Marines training centre at Lympstone, so it was fantastic to be back down there again for this event after all these years.
“This year’s event raised money for the Devonshire Air Ambulance Trust and the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, which are both excellent causes that I am delighted to have been able to support.
“It was a real pleasure, albeit a rather exhausting one, to take part in this event. The professionalism of our elite Royal Marines is recognised all over the world and I think it is great that they organise this hugely popular event every year to raise money for good causes and to give civilians a tiny taste of the kind of training that they have to go through.”
Anyone interested in taking part in next year’s Commando Challenge can find details at