Thursday, 17 September 2009

Reply to a Labour Party Reject

An edited version of the following letter appeared in this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser:

Dear editor,

As we all know, when he’s not downloading indecent pornographic imagery on a council computer, Robert Finnigan likes to spend his time writing lie-filled letters to the local press.

These attacks do not bother me personally, and they facilitate a right to reply in the press that gives me the chance to set the record straight. Also, the more attacks that are aimed my way from failed former Labour Party career-politicians such as Robert Finnigan, the more your readers may come to the conclusion that if such reprehensible individuals are so strongly opposed to the us, then clearly we must be doing something right.

Attacks on me are one thing, but by using this newspaper as a tool to attack, belittle, or attempt to ridicule any members of our local community who write a letter to the paper that he may disagree with, Finnigan really is once again abusing his position as a local councillor – and a very well paid one at that.

Finnigan grabs well over £30,000 a year of council tax payers money in ‘allowances’, and it is sickening to think that this individual believes he can treat those who pay his wages, those non-political members of the public who just happen not to be cronies of his party, with such contempt. Members of the public should be encouraged to get involved with their local residents groups and show an interest in their community. They do not deserve to be shouted down the moment they have an opinion that differs to those of one of their councillors.

In his recent letter, Finnigan once again told a number of blatant lies, including the claim that no consultation has been carried out regarding the establishment of a local lettings policy for the Glen Estate. As I myself spent a number of days personally carrying out consultation on this issue, and as a considerable number of local residents took part in this consultation, this is a lie that is very easy indeed to disprove.

The findings from the consultation and my recommendations were submitted to Aire Valley Homes for consideration and further work will certainly be needed before any such lettings policy can be introduced, but to suggest that the work carried out so far is a figment of my imagination takes the untruthfulness of Robert Finnigan to new depths.

For further information residents can contact me on 01924 820 946 or at

Councillor Chris Beverley

Morley South, Leeds City Council

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My Question for Full Council 16th September 2009

"With evidence pointing to an increase in the brutal practice of dog-fighting in the UK in recent years, can the leader of council tell us what the administration is doing to address this problem and whether it would welcome the re-introduction of dog licensing to help combat this problem?"