Sunday, 17 May 2009

Glen Estate publicity

The following appeared in this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser:

Minimum age idea for estate 'explored'

Should certain blocks of council properties be rented out to people of above a certain age only?

That’s the question currently being asked of the residents of the Glen Estate, in a consultation exercise being carried out by a Morley South councillor.

Councillor Chris Beverley has distributed consultation letters to homes and spoken to residents on the Glen over the past few days to ask people for their views on whether the introduction of such regulations would benefit the estate, and, if so, exactly which properties should be considered for inclusion and what that age limit should be.

Councillor Beverley said: “This is a question that has been put to be by a number of local people recently, and it is certainly an idea that I believe is well worth exploring," he said.

"I have my own thoughts but for now I want to hear the views of the residents of this estate, which is why I am carrying out a comprehensive consultation exercise following discussions I have had with the housing office.

Chairman of the Glen Estate residents association, Martin Oddy, said: “I welcome the consultation exercise being carried out about this important matter and I would urge everyone who has any thoughts it to get in touch with Coun Beverley.”

The following letter was also printed, which I think is worth reproducing here. Unlike the MBIs, I never get cronies to write into the paper praising me, as they do, often in rather blatant fashion.

Sometimes this involved the laughable spectacle of one of their councillors writing in to praise another one of their councillors - the equivalent of me getting my wife - a Morley Town Councillor - to write in saying how great I am.

So when you read a letter in the paper saying anything positive about my work, rest assured that it is a genuine letter written by a real person and certainly not one written or instigated by me.

Let us live in peace

I write in reply to the article Enough is enough! (Postbag, May 6).

As residents of Glen Road and having had first-hand experience of anti-social behaviour we fully support Chris Beverley in all he does as he is the only person to listen.

We do not want the Glen as a dumping ground for drug addicts, criminals and anyone else causing trouble. Decent people should be able to live in peace and safety in their own homes.

Glen Road

Friday, 15 May 2009

Labour snubs Judy

There's an interesting story in today’s YEP confirming something I had been told about earlier today; namely, that Labour are definitely putting up their own candidate for Lord Mayor of Leeds against the MBI candidate Judith Elliott.

This is simply not the done thing, as the choice of mayor is normally agreed upon by the Lib-Lab-Con cartel parties,with the title alternating between the three of them.

So it looks like Thursday’s meeting is going to be more interesting than I had anticipated!