Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Would you trust this woman with your pumpkin?

What an amusing story on the front page of today’s Yorkshire Evening Post concerning the latest antics of the MBIs.

When dealing with members of this little bunch, I try to remember that they fall, broadly speaking, into three main categories:

1) The poisonous career-politicians (often rejects from the old parties) who are outright enemies of our people and worthy of nothing but contempt,

2) those who are guilty primarily of cowardice and/or naivety, and were hoodwinked into standing as MBIs in the 2007 Morley Town Council elections, despite clearly not thinking of themselves as MBIs or behaving as such,

3) and those at the very bottom of the MBI food-chain who are just plain stupid.

It’s pretty clear to me which category Shirley Varley belongs in.

‘Pumpkin-Gate’ found its way onto the front page of the YEP because that paper, essentially a localised gutter tabloid, saw the opportunity for a funny headline. Yet when one gets beyond the comic overtones, what emerges is yet another example of the MBIs appearing to abuse their office for their own personal benefit.

We await the outcome of ‘Pumpkin-Gate’, if not with baited breath, then at least with interest and no small amount of distain. It has been proven that the MBIs cannot be trusted to use council computers in an appropriate manner or treat town hall staff properly. They are clearly unfit to wield any kind of authority whatsoever.

Will it be proven that they cannot even be trusted with a pumpkin? We will see.