Thursday, 26 February 2009

MBIs lose Tribunal

An article in today’s Yorkshire Post reveals that former Morley Town Council clerk Karen Barrett has won her claim of unfair dismissal that she brought against the Town Council, or rather, in effect, against the Morley Borough Independents.

I attended the tribunal as an interested member of the public for most of the case, and on the days that I couldn’t attend there were others present who updated me on the proceedings. A report on this case will appear on this blog shortly.

In addition to what I learned through attending the tribunal, I received a further fascinating insight into the matter yesterday during the course of my full council meeting. I had left the council chamber and was sitting in a side room writing a speech when a number of loud-mouthed MBIs positioned themselves outside the room I was sitting in and began talking about this case. They had no idea I was sat just metres away from them and well within earshot.

Until, that was, one of them suggested taking the discussion into the side-room that I was sat in, at which point one of them stuck their head in and realised I was sat there. I guess I was the one councillor on the entire council who they would not have wanted to hear that particular discussion.

In any case, this employment tribunal shed much light on the reprehensible behaviour of some of the individuals that count themselves as ‘Morley Borough Independents’, and the outcome of the case is further proof that the Morley Borough Independents Party is a disgrace to our town and utterly incapable of exercising any sort of power without abusing it for its own twisted ends.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This is Morley letter

A slightly edited version of the following letter appeared in the Morley Observer and Advertiser on 28/1/09:

Great advert for our town

It was a pleasure to see so many local businesses and organisations represented as the This is Morley event held at the White Rose Centre this weekend.

Though located outside the town centre, the White Rose Centre is a part of Morley that employs a considerable number of Morley people, and it is good to see such co-operation between its management and that of Morley Town Centre.

I would like to congratulate the Morley Chamber of Trade and Peter Mudge and the Town Centre Management for organising this event, and to all the traders and volunteers who helped to give shoppers in the White Rose centre a taste of some of the fantastic businesses and organisations that our town has to offer.

As far as I am concerned this event was a great advert for the town.