Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Jailing of Leftist Thug is on the Agenda

I have submitted the following question for tomorrow’s full meeting of Leeds City Council. The question is number 6 on the list apparently, which means the question should actually be answered in council (as opposed to being answered in writing after the meeting).

Question: Will the leader of council join me in welcoming the custodial sentence handed down to the criminal leftist thug Daniel Searle of Roundhay Road, Harehills, who was this month jailed for attacking the home of a British National Party member, and will he confirm that this council utterly condemns all acts of violence, persecution, harassment, and discrimination committed against its citizens purely on the basis of their religious or political beliefs?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Brighter future for residents of estate

SHEDDING LIGHT: Coun Chris Beverley met Glen Estate Residents' Group chairman Martin Oddy to discuss lighting problems.

Also taken from this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser:

Brighter future for residents of estate

People left in the dark by new lighting on a Morley estate have had their lives brightened by some good news.

A number of residents on the Glen Estate were concerned after Leeds City Council put in the new street lights as part of the city-wide replacement scheme.

They believed parts of the estate were left in greater darkness than before the new lighting columns were installed.

But after the issue was raised at a meeting of the newly-formed Glen Estate Residents’ Group, the council has approved additional lights for the streets in question.

Coun Chris Beverley (Morley South) said he had met with chairman of the group, Martin Oddy, to discuss the details of the planned work.

“I met with the council officer responsible to discuss the issue on the Glen estate, and I am pleased to say that all the requests I made for additional lighting columns to be installed within the residential part of the Glen Estate have been approved,” said Coun Beverley.

“The necessary work is to be carried out as soon as possible.

“Should anyone have any problems associated with the new street lighting that has been and is being introduced, please contact me and I will have the problem looked at.”

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Judith just isn't right

I thought I would post this story up in recognition of the hilarious title that the Morley Observer and Advertiser gave this letter from Albert Slingsby (printed yesterday). We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Judith just isn't right

Why should the lord Mayor of Leeds be another Tory by the back door?

Coun Judith Elliott (MBI, Morley South) was a Tory councillor from the start of Morley Town Council in 2000, to February 4,2004 when the then Mayor of Morley, Coun Joe Tetley, stated she was becoming Independent - only because she wasn't getting anywhere as a Morley South Tory candidate in the 2003 Leeds city elections!

Are any of your readers willing to stand up and be counted and go down to Leeds Civic Hall with me and raise a deputation for a public-elected lord mayor?

Rein Road

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ernie Wise letter

An edited down version of the following letter was printed in today's Morley Observer and Advertiser:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I had just finished reading Leeds Civic Trust’s annual report when I read of Paul Cockroft’s request (Morley Observer and Advertiser, 31st December 2008) for the trust to consider placing a blue plaque outside the New Pavilion in Morley.

I think this is a fantastic idea and I have written to this organisation myself in support of the idea. I have also offered my assistance with financing the project. I am sure that it would be of great benefit to the local area for such a plaque to be placed at this or perhaps another local site (it has been suggested that a blue plaque could be situated in East Ardsley, possibly by the Railway pub, opposite the street where Ernie grew up).

No doubt there will be much discussion about the exact location of such a plaque, but the basic idea is certainly a good one. I am sure that this would add to the already considerable historical interest in our town and its surrounding area.

As well as individual memberships, Leeds Civic Trust encourages local societies and residents associations to affiliate themselves with the trust. It may be that some of Morley’s various community groups would be interested in such an affiliation. If so, more information about this can be obtained by visiting www.leedscivictrust.org.uk or by writing to Leeds Civic Trust, Leeds Heritage & Design Centre, 17/19 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ. (Tel. 0113 243 9594).

Councillor Chris Beverley
Morley South, Leeds City Council.


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Independent Paedophile Councillor Jailed

I was just reading some of the details of the case of the former Lib Dem paedophile councillor ('which one'? you exclaim) from Harrogate who was sent to prison recently. The story can be viewed here. The case got me thinking.

This guy used to be a Lib-Lab-Con politician. He was caught misusing his computer for his own sick sexual ends. At some point during this process he became an 'Independent'......

Are we about to witness the emergence of the Harrogate Borough Independents onto the political scene?

Perhaps it's just me, but doesn't he even look like a certain pervert politician from Morley? (Well, Kirklees actually.)

You heard it here first folks!