Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Shop Local and Support Morley's Pubs!

This letter was printed in this week's Morley Observer and Advertiser.

I think it is important to support Morley's pubs as well as the other loal businesses in the town that have featured in the Shop Local campaign (spearheaded by Morley Chamber of Trade) so far.

This is particularly needed since Morley's other political party, the Morley Borough 'Independents', have declared economic war on Morley's landlords and pub users by calling for a minimum price on alcohol in the town.

As if a night out is not already expensive enough for normal Morley people!

What the Morley Borough 'Independents' seem to forget is that most working people in Morley are not in a position to claim over £32,000 a year from the taxpayer, as their leader Robert Finnigan does. How dare such out-of-touch career-politicians who claim such lavish allowances try and impose such regulations.

In any case, despite the attempts of such people, Morley still has lots of nice pubs and offers plenty of scope for a good night out. Let's show our support for local landlords and help to preserve Morley's pubs.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am just writing to reaffirm my support for the ‘Shop Local’ campaign spearheaded by Morley Chamber of Trade, and I am glad to see the Morley Observer and Advertiser throwing its weight behind this campaign.

These are extremely tough economic times, and I agree with the Chamber of Trade’s Keith Robinson that we need to pull together under such circumstances. As consumers, every one of us has the power to choose to support local businesses, or to take our money elsewhere. Clearly anything that encourages people to do the former can only be a good thing for the future of our town.

In addition to this, it should be remembered that Morley still has a good number of top quality public houses that are struggling financially, especially since the onset of the current economic downturn. Once Morley’s historic pubs are closed and demolished or turned into flats (as has happened with the Brunswick, for example), they are gone for ever, and I believe that it is a terrible shame when this happens. Morley’s pubs are an integral part of our town’s heritage, and deserve to be supported as such.

Whether planning a shopping trip or a night out, there is much that can be done by every one of us to support Morley’s local businesses, and I am sure that the ‘Shop Local’ campaign will help to raise awareness of this important issue.

Councillor Chris Beverley

Morley South, Leeds City Council